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    What does everyone think about our freshman wr’s? Do any of them have a chance to play this year? Who is most likely? Looking at this list we should be good for a very long time.

    Jaylen Dixon
    Solomon Enis
    Terrell Perriman
    Bronson Boyd (Didn’t realize he is a freshman. That’s what this says though

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    It appears we are turning a corner on WR talent based on this group. 3 and 4 star guys that were recruited by other P5 programs. Hope they produce on the field, sounds like Boyd could be the real deal.

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    Dixon – maybe. He has Nacua, Covey, Fields ahead of him. And Vickers just joined the team. That’s a tough mountain to climb.

    Enis – hopefully not. He has Mariner, Thompson, Boyd, Simpkins ahead of him. Hopefully they stay healthy and are better than him.

    Boyd – absolutely. 

    Perriman – probably not. See Dixon. And he’s further behind Dixon. 

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    Unless he’s is injured, there is a 0% chance he redshirts. Whitt said at PAC-12 media days that Covey is 100% where he was before his mission. 

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    He is the grandson of Steven R. He is loaded. He has the best nutrition and training money can buy. 


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