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      Seems like there is blame to be shared all over the place tonight. 16 penalties for 120 yards is unacceptable. That shows that you were not ready for the biggest stage. The defensive scheme to play man-to-man was just dumb, and exposed our secondary, with emphasis on Blackmon. Our offensive line was pushed around tonight by virtually one player; reminds me of when Hurcules Matafe of WASU was a one man wrecking crew against our o-line a couple of years ago. TE blocking has been bad the previous games and continued through this game. Allowing a FG to be blocked twice in a row on successive kicks is just downright embarrassing. Special teams, with emphasis on the FG unit, have scared the hell out of me throughout the first four games. Play calling in the red zone looked head scratching to me tonight, but I don’t know how much of that was just bad o-line play. Running it up the middle didn’t seem to work all night, so I couldn’t figure out why we were so married to it when we got on the five yarrd line.

      There we’re still some individual efforts that were good. Huntley did everything he could to try and get us the win. Vickers played his heart out. Anae and Fotu played hard on the defensive line. Unfortunately this is a team game and requires more than just a few standout players.

      I think Whitt, as the head coach, has to own this one, but then hold everyone else, coaches and players, accountable. We had a chance to show why this season could be special tonight, but just blew it in a bunch of different ways tonight. I’m still hopeful for the season cause we were in this game on the road despite the garbage all around performance. We have to figure out a better way to defend the air raid offense or we are in for it against WASU, and us probably something Washington will exploit as well, even though they aren’t an air raid team.

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