Getting so worked up over recruiting wins and losses is obnoxious.

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    These are high school kids. Approximately 2% of them will have sufficent drive and talent to achieve professional careers in football. That some blogger gives them more stars than some other kid, based on subjective criteria, is not expressly determinative of their success in college or at any higher level. It may be suggestive but it’s by no means a guarantee. If a kid wants to be coached by a tenured, award-winning, and proven coach (when it comes to putting people in the NFL) then they can come to Utah. If they want to party in SoCal or on Mill Ave, then they have other options, with experienced, qualified, and talented coaches. If they want a high likelihood of going to a ‘ship then they aren’t coming to the PAC-12.

    If anyone else’s faith, race, private affairs, or immutable characteristics factor into their decisions, then that’s their private decision and I wish them luck. If you, as an outside observer, speculate on whether those factors are determinative in their decisions, without any objective evidence, then you’re not really a person whose opinions I (or I’d guess many other people) would assign much value.

    The coaches at Utah work hard and try to win over these celebrated kids. They miss more than they hit. We still see incremental improvement in the program. Some people within our fanbase whine and complain and spread their prejudicial theories and countercultural narratives. The world keeps turning. I still watch Utah Men’s Basketball games. I look forward to my Utes beating that other team in the football opener. Go Utes!

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    …Sorry what was that , I was distracted lol


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