Great gameplan and execution

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      Red Dawn
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      The coaches earned their checks this week. I think Taylor is becoming a great schemer from game to game. They played to Shelley’s strengths and really relied on the O line to control the game.

      I loved the short passes to Covey in space, getting the TE’s involved, and most importantly, letting Shyne “shine” (horrible pun). Shelley seems to have a calmer demeaner than Huntley, it shows in some of his touch passes. Kudos to the O line for opening great holes, and protecting Shelley.

      Defense was solid overall. I got the sense that Herbert (possibly the #1 qb in the draft) was never comfortable. Jaylon Johnson is our #1 shutdown guy. Pretty much shut down Mitchell in the 4th qtr. 

      Props to the fans as well. Sounded great on TV, definitely gave the team a boost. Fun Saturday all around! 

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      Ute Fan

      Good point about the TE’s, they are very athletic and should be a mismatch every single game. Good to see them more utilized. I don’t see how JJ stays around longer than one more year. The game flipped on him moving to Michell.

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        Ute Fan

        Jaylon has stated his #1 life goal is to play in the NFL, and he chose Utah because he thought they gave him the best chance of developing him into an NFL CB. 

        Let’s all enjoy him while he’s here because he’ll be gone after next season and I couldn’t be happier for him.


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