Happy Thanksgiving

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        Ute Fan

        Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. 

        Thank you, Tony, for creating this awesome board.  I think it will continue to grow because it has very high-quality posters willing to give their 2 cents.  

        Thank you to those that take time to come on here and give their takes.  We all have our own view on things, but it’s always good to hear a different perspective.  Posters, like Utah and UteThunder, are invaluable because not only do they have their views but they back it up with well thought out posts.  Keep those coming.

        Special shout-out to OnlyU.  When we see your icon pop up it’s like a drink of water for someone that just walked through a desert. 

        Finally, thank you to those Ute athletes that sacrifice so much for our enjoyment.  Football WILL be back.  We have WAY too strong of a foundation to be down for long.  It’ll just take a few more reps and a little more time and we’ll be showing up on that playoff ranking show again.


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