Here’s why I think Utah beats Texas

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      Earlier in the season Utah got a wake up call after losing to USC in the coliseum. They responded by realing off 8 straight wins by an average margin of victory of 29 points. I think the coaches and players learned from the USC game and I think Utah will do the same from the
      Oregon loss as they focus on Texas. Utah will face a running QB that they will zero in on stopping and making him throw. Utah still has 3 of its 5 starters of it base nickel package playing. I’m curious to see if they would move Guidry outside now or in the future.
      If Bryan Thompson plays I think it really opens the offense up for the rest of Utah’s playmakers. Anyway, I like our chances. And I think the players and the coaches will treat this much more than just a scrimmage. The chance to go 12-2 is big for recruiting and a Texas win is a feather in the cap.

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      According to ONLYU I except Thompson to play. His injury was similar to Tyler Huntleys. So sprained MCL. It will have been over a month since the injury. Unless it’s gotten worse or the coaches and medical staff see an issue with injuring it further I expect him to play. Wish we would have had him for Oregon. B Thompson is a difference maker

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      No disrespect. Make Ehlinger pass? His rushing yards are part of the package not the focus of the offense. The dude has close to 3500 passing yards and 29 passing TDs this season. Problem is losing JJ and JB now opens the other half of the field. Hubert out does not help. JJ pretty much locked up one side of the field shrinking the area of pass opportunity. That’s how good JJ is at CB. I don’t even know who the back ups are at this point. Hard to ask (insert defensive back who has not played much) to take on arguably the 2nd or 3rd best team Utah plays this season. Not saying the next man up guys won’t be the next JJ or great CB. I am guessing Nurse, Guidry, and Lewis mixed in with others will carry the load. Just a lot to ask of new players with little D1 experience against a very good offensive team. Either way, great time to see the new guys stepping in for next year. Ute offense needs to control the ball possession game. Go Utes!

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        this is exactly what im worried about^. with JJ gone, we are low on experience on the back. however it will be nice to see what we’ve got to look forward to next year but I do hope we win. it’ll look really good for texas recruits for the years to come.

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      I’ll take a side order of whatever you’re smoking, please! Losing JB, and now JJ? This secondary is about to get exposed. Running QB’s have found a lot of success against Utah. Maybe this can be a high scoring affair, and Huntley throws 50 times for an 80% completion rate and Enis, Nacua, Kuithe, oh nevermind. The oline can’t block a cold and Utah gets upset.

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      ESPN just reporting that Rising will be eligible to play in the bowl game.

      Can someone tell me how that works?

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