Hey…. so….. Bentley or Rising?

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        ….Just asking because I can!

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        Central Coast Ute
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        It’ll be Rising, unless he’s not playing.

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        Actually, who starts is not as important as how good they play because I expect both will get a chance to play.  If we struggle of course we will try something different.  If we get ahead or behind a few scores, as it gets late, it is likely we let the other play.  If it is a close game but the offense is doing well, maybe we keep the status quo.  We know Rising is more mobile so if that is needed to counter a rush we will go with him.  That may even be the deciding factor for who gets the first set.  If we don’t get run over by a rush, Bentley’s experience may be most effective.  If the two are close in ability it makes sense to view them both in a game.  But then I don’t understand why, if you have quarterbacks that are different, more coaches don’t use both more depending on best advantage given a particular defense.

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          Barring an injury I would be surprised to see both quarterbacks. Ludwig will want to build the confidence of whomever is chosen by allowing them to play through a few difficulties. I cannot imagine a worse strategy than holding a “QB bakeoff” and then pulling the chosen guy at the first sign of a problem.

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        Cesar Chavez
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        It is definitely Bentley, He gives the Utes the best chance to win with his experience and accuracy. Risen will come in for a few plays here and there as A.W has a designed package specific to him, but the starting QB is Bently.

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