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      Ute Fan

      I still am somewhat in shock, not necessarily that we lost but more by how we lost. IMO, game was lost on 3rd downs. We couldn’t convert and BYU could which kept the defense out much longer than they needed to be. The fact we didn’t cause any turnovers as well didn’t help. Much has been said about the Oline and play calling and much more. The only call that was bad I think was the 4th and 2. I think the Oline was ok but certainly wasn’t the reason we lost. We simply weren’t good enough and played very uninspired football.

      I am wondering where the leadership on the field is. Maybe you couldn’t see it on TV but why was Brewer or Covey or Ford (offense) or Lloyd, Tafua, Sewell (defense) not doing anything to get them fired up, more focused, etc. They all acted like it was a lost cause, walking around with their heads down. No fire, no communication, nothing. Again, I could be wrong about this as you can’t see everything on TV but it just didn’t seem like anyone stepped up and even tried to lead the team.

      My hope is that this game was a wake-up call to both players and coaches. They didn’t look at all prepared and hopefully this changes moving forward as we still have much to play for.

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      Ute Fan

      Indeed 3rd downs on both sides of the ball was hugely in favor of BYU.  Game was certainly a wake-up call for our fans as many felt there was virtually no chance for that result.  Hopefully will serve as a wake-up to the team too.   BYU fully deserved that victory but I certainly hope that our team can have a better effort in the coming weeks.



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