I am over the many debates/discussions on conference re-alignment

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      Ute Fan

      When something happens – we will hear about it. The speculation is all over the place and starting to get annoying.
      I am confident our Utes will end up okay (whatever happens) because we have an established football brand.

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      Ute Fan

      Oh it’s very annoying. The BYU fans on twitter of course are certain that the Pac is dissolving, and that either BYU will block Utah’s entry to the B12, or BYU will be lobbying for our entry to the B12, and they are our savior.

      I’m about ready to mute the words “BYU, Big 12, B12, P12, Pac-12,” etc. etc. It’s all so tiresome.

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        Ute Fan

        I feel the same.  There’s a bunch of Y fans posting on realignment and riling up BIG 12 folks.  Just wait until the B12 gets those same fans attention against their schools…

        Separately, the pig bus account sure runs their mouth and represents U fans terribly.  It’s a mess.

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          Central Coast Ute
          Ute Fan

          Pig bus Twitter account is horrible

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            Ute Fan

            Pig Bus Twitter account is dumb AND many BYU/Big12 fans are overly sensitive to any perceived slight. Them being over-the-top offended about the whole “truck stop conference” label is proof of this.

            Pig Bus is a self-described troll and agitator, and to his credit, found the right strings to pull. But, he needs to stop because at some point it just becomes an all out war between fans. 

            I wish people wouldn’t get so worked up over dumb things, but outrage over everything is ingrained in our society now.

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        Ute Dub
        Ute Fan

        BYU fans crowing about a conference they have never played in against another conference they desperately wish they could be in, is irony. 

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      juan know well
      Ute Fan

      It’s all the big 12 fans. . . .they have more opinions on the Pac 12 than they do their own conference. Especially the Cincinnati and BYU fans. It’s like, actually play a game in that conference first and then maybe run your mouth.

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        Ute Fan

        UH.c is all you need for your Utah student athlete information.

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        Ute Fan

        I am a BYU fan and I am also being realisitic.  Oregon and Washington have made it clear they want to leave the PAC.  For that reason they will be very reluctant to give any extended GOR.  The problem the PAC has, and always has had, is location.  The majority of people are in bed by the time games start.  I lived in the east most of my life and I stayed up for BYU games but not for others.  Utah fans would stay up for Utah games.

        The Big10 channel gets 55 cents per subscriber.  The PAC channel was getting 13 cents.  It is a money game.  The Big 10 added Maryland and Rutgers purely for money.  It got them on the basic tier of cable in the NYC and DC markets.  They added millions of dollars.

        Twenty years from now streaming may be preferred to linear cable and satellite, but not yet.  The primary time slots on Saturday are already taken by the Big10, SEC, ACC and Big12.  Tough to compete for the casual fan and have him switch to a streaming channel against those on ESPN, Fox and the networks.

        If any of the other schools bolt the conference would collapse. Adding SMU and SDSU does not move the money needle.  If I were any of the four corner schools (Utah, Arizona, ASU and Coloradao) I would certainly be exploring my options while I had some leverage.  If Oregon and Washington leave there is no leverage in moving.

        I would welcome Utah to the Big12.  It would restore the rivalry game and give BYU a travel partner.  Both schools would be competitive in football but both will have to dramatically step it up in basketball.  There are not easy games in that conference.

        Florida State is getting antsy in the ACC but they have the GOR until 2036.  They will probably start demanding a bigger slice of the media money.  I suspect Oregon and Washington will do the same in the PAC.  Gonzaga did it for basketball in the WCC.  

        There are no easy options but watching some Utah fans dream of the Big 10 is simply that, dreaming.  The Utah market barely moves anything.

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          Ute Fan

          “some Utah fans dream of the Big 10 is simply that, dreaming.”

          Well according to this B1G source, Utah is at least on the list if the B1G expands in the future. Yes its a small chance but the U of U would be foolish to treat that small chance as nothing but “dreaming”.

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            Central Coast Ute
            Ute Fan

            Word is Taylor Randall has a goal of reaching $1b for research funding. Aside from the academic reasons, giving them a better chance at a BIG invite could be a reason why he wants that. Staying with the PAC makes attaining that goal easier than if they went to the BIG 12.

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            Ute Fan

            That account is not credible. Sorry, but Utah to the B1G is very much in the “dreaming” and “wishful thinking” categories. There isn’t an economic case for Utah. Sad but true.

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            Ute Fan

            The people who say Utah is dreaming if they think the B1G would want them are the same people who said the PAC-12 would never take Utah over BYU. 

            They are clueless and don’t know how all of this works. 

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              Ute Fan

              It’s dreaming. The factors driving expansion today are not the same factors that drove expansion in 2010. 

              When even Oregon and Washington can’t get in the B1G because they aren’t accretive, then Utah stands no chance.

              The B1G would have to expand to 24+ teams for Utah to even be considered. Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Cal, and several ACC teams would be prioritized ahead of Utah.


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          Ute Fan

          Washington and Oregon likely have no options related to the next GOR. The media deal requires it, if they don’t agree others move on which would leave them waiting while screwing their sister schools over long term. They will likely hit the fork in the road before the B1G gets serious about more expansion. The two new Cali schools are open about their opposition. If the B1G adds more 20 is the next stopping point creating divisions much like what conferences once were. That would gather 2 more schools unnamed.

          Afternoon TV in the East and Central time zones are prime but are well taken up. The Mtn and Pac zones still have a unique value. Thursday and Friday games at 6:00 work in those zones because the whole nation can be served while local fans have a chance to attend after work. In the east they have to start at 8:00 to be viewed in the west after work. The west also has an advantage or earlier start times on Saturday for national games. Beyond Y fans are lots of folks that willingly view games after 10:00 pm. Bars and sports clubs value entertainment beyond hours people like to be in a stadium, as well as do fans at home. The east half simply does not want to fill that slot. In the past ESPN has had the Pac and mid majors like the Y and Boise State etc. but viewers will always opt for schools with a brand or a ranking over unranked nonP5 teams. It is second tier TV but the Pac has it almost to themselves.

          One, two, and maybe 3 loss Pac teams will be ranked. With Tex, Oak, USC and UCLA moving they will either disappear in the rankings or push others in the B1G and SEC to do so. A two loss Pac team will be ranked better than past undefeated mid majors. The Pac will soon always have a playoff team and enjoy a better chance at a second than Pac champs had in the past.

          The Pac simply needs to just hang on and if streaming gets it done, fine. As it stands, Oregon, Washington and Utah have their arrow clearly pointing up with expectations of maintaining year over year ranked teams. That is 30% of the Pac-10 and as good as any other conference with a very good chance of other Pac schools making a run if one stumbles. We should not panic nor fear time passing by. The B1G and SEC will always be who they are, the ACC has their own issues, and the Big 12 will now have 1/3 of the league being mid majors making their way into the majors. As for Utah, just stay ranked in whatever the Pac becomes and we will be good in the next round of shuffle down the road.

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          Ute Fan

          1- OR and WA have made it clear they DON’T want to be in the Big 12 but do want to be in the B1G or a PAC. That is what is so funny. If the Big 12 was attractive, everyone would have joined already. Hell, if the Big 12 was attractive, the attractive teams would be in the PAC by now and BYU would still be independent and the Big 12 wouldn’t exist anymore. 

          The fact that everyone is so slow to join the Big 12 shows you how terrible it is. 

          You contradict yourself in your post. You bring up how the P12 Network gets $0.13/subscriber and the B1G added Rutgers and Maryland becuase their tv markets are so big (ie, more subscribers) and then two paragraphs later you talk about how SDSU and SMU do nothing for the PAC. 1 – SD has almost 4 million people in it. That is a lot of subscribers. And if SDSU keeps you on basic cable in LA, then that’s an additional 20 million subscribers. According to your logic two paragraphs above, that is a big deal. And as for SMU, they are in Dallas, which is 8 million people. 

          And if you think Utah isn’t exploring their options, even though every report says they are and could jump to the Big 12 if they wanted to, I don’t know what to tell you. 

          The problem Oregon and Washington have, is THEY have no leverage. If the Big 12 is offering the corner schools 30 million per year and Oregon and UW say they want 40 and everyone else gets 25…well, the four corner schools will just leave. Why would they stay for less money when ASU, Arizona, Colorado and Utah could go to the Big 12 and instantly be the top 4 out of 5 schools? 

          As for Florida, I’ve said this before but I bet they vote to dissolve the conference sooner than later. The original ACC teams are 11, 11 teams are needed to dissolve the conference, they can dissolve it, form a new conference or join a new conference and make more money. Florida and Clemson are going to the rest of the schools and giving their threats for more money and if they aren’t met, then the tv people will renegotiate or the conference will go away. 

          And for your last paragraph…the irony is incredible. The PAC-12 took Utah over BYU. They didn’t even consider BYU when looking at expanding because BYU doesn’t bring any additional money to the table…BYU would cost the PAC-12 money to add them. 

          BYU was so not valuable when the Big 12 looked at expanding a few years ago, they said thanks but no thanks. The Big 12 was on the verge of collapse and they added BYU with other G5 schools that are frankly s**t. All the schools added are in big time college football territories…top 10 teams, Utah included, and all the schools the Big 12 added don’t have a pathway to overtake the teams above them. 

          Do you honestly think Utah fans will become BYU fans? FSU and Miami fans will start to root for UCF? Ohio State fans will follow Cincinnati? Come on now. 

          Every poll done shows Utah has a larger fanbase than BYU. Every tv metric shows more people watch Utah than BYU. Every metric on the field shows Utah has a better program than BYU. 

          And Utah is so non-existent that the PAC-12 took them over BYU and the Big 12 would take Utah in a second if they wanted to join. 

          That has to suck as a BYU fan. Solidly little brother. 

          Your best case scenario, being a member of the Big 12, is Utah’s worst case scenario. 

          Let that sink in. 

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            Ute Fan

            @Utah covers it all. Hitting a home run. 

            Bottom line for me is Big12 was wrong most of the time on most conference realignment issues.  They had the most Mis or Dis information running. They troll the most as well. 

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          Ute Fan

          Thanks for visiting and thanks for your thoughts. 

          As a PASSIONATE but logical/knowledgeable/realistic Utah nerd I agree with most of what you said. GK has played this out so poorly and some of his takes are skip bayless bad. I get that it isn’t all his fault – he’s hamstrung a lot OR and WA and their desire to be in the B10, which will likely happen at some point. 

          I would happily have Utah join the B12 – BYU/Utah in the B12 would be great. Also, it’s a deeply passionate conference. The locations may not be as desirable – but I do feel like the Pac is on life support…

          As of this moment, the B12 is positioned to be the best power conference outside of the B10/SEC as I see the ACC dissolving. And a P10 that includes ACC leftovers would suck – the travel would be terrible. 

          B12 offers stability, has better leadership, and, most importantly, has a quality TV deal with Fox/ESPN – something the Pac can’t do. 

          Hopefully Utah leadership makes it happen.

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            Ute Fan

            You think the B12 is positioned to be the best conference? Really? These teams: Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia, BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF? 

            You think that conference will be better than whatever happens to: Washington, Oregon, Stanford, California, Utah, ASU, Arizona, Colorado? Hell, any of those teams instantly become the best B12 team. Then you add in the ACC teams, which include: Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, Notre Dame. 

            This is great. 

            You are aruging that Utah having a football schedule of Stanford, California, Oregon, Washington, ASU, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State, Washington State, Duke and Miami

            would be worse than

            ASU, Arizona, Colorado, BYU, Houston, Texas Tech, Kansas State, TCU and Iowa State? 

            Are you for real? 

            The B12 does not add stability. As soon as the GOR expire, every B12 will be trying to join another conference because the B12 sucks. Better leadership? The B12 just lost Texas and Oklahoma and then added four weak G5 programs and took a tv deal that was 20 million per school per year less than they thought they would get. 

            That’s good leadership to you? 

            Again, the P12 has it’s issues, but let’s not pretend the B12 is good. The B12 is Utah’s worst case scenario. 

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              Ute Fan

              Hard to take any part of this post seriously when you claim that Stanford, Cal, Arizona, and Colorado would all instantly be the best team in the BigXII. Consider how good some of their teams have been recently and how bad those Pac-12 teams have been for a while now. 

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        Ute Fan

        Their fixation on all things Utah and the Pac12 is quite strange, but I kind love it to be honest. Hate drives ratings. I’m going to laugh when Utah-Baylor is one of the most watched non-TX/OU regular season Big12 games. Lol.

        Bring it on, haters!

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