I expect everyone to play on Offense EXCEPT

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      TJ and Vele. TJ’s knee isn’t quite ready so I don’t think he’ll go. Vele with the collarbone. Moss has practiced everyday with the 1’s. No reason to believe he won’t play. Covey has run with the 2’s the majority of camp but mostly because he’s been given down time. He looks fine and is approaching a full 9 months out.

      A little thin in camp at the slot with Vickers, Covey and Vele slowed or on pitch counts. Enis has gotten some time there. Simpkins has looked great, Thompson is ready and so is Dixon. Thompson poised for a strong year if he stays healthy. Samson banged up a finger last week. Not sure how it affects him but he’s been his steady self.

      Guy to watch is Brant Kuithe. So fast for his size and can get deep. Big mismatch at the 2nd level and will make big plays this season. Fotheringham is massive and will be a stud blocking and in possession routes. Brant will be a difference maker. Ludwig LOVES Kuithe and will use the TE’s a ton. Yasmin actually might get some time this year as well. Coming along nicely. Incredibly athletic.

      TDS went with a light box last year when we spread them out but probably because of Takitaki. Expect the same this year. We will be able to hit the edges. For some reason they seem to think their D-line can hold us with a 5 man box. In the 2nd half we ran basic against them and the struggled mightily to stop it and our D-line dominated. It was really simple stuff. Shelley didn’t play well until maybe midway through the 3rd. Not sure if we wore them down or if it was just talent rising…probably a little of both. We will throw out of any formation and Huntley has had a very good Fall so expect a lot from him this year. DHC is your number 2 and depending on situation Brumfield (banger) /Wilmore (speed) and TJ (speed and good hands) when healthy. Expect to be pretty balanced.

      Rising has an absolute canon. Will be interesting to see his development this year.

      Ludwig is much more experienced this time around…really think he’s the difference (and the players do too). We‘ll see.

      Maea is pretty damn good. Bam is physically a starter but is still learning the play book depending on his NCAA eligibility stuff he’ll work his way in to the lineup when cleared. Keaton Bills is going to be sooooo good. Next years line and the few after that will be in good shape and this year’s is better that most think.
      Lennon is very good…booming leg that will remind you of someone. Strauch is fine…not an NFL guy but should make the kicks we need him to make.

      D-line is really good and highly motivated based on the talk coming out of Provo. Supposedly going at Anae (😂), Maxs is a midget and Penisini isn’t very good (even though some pro scouts rank him higher than Fotu). Blackmon is READY as a Safety…man is he ready.

      Concern Bernard will be too hyped and do something stupid…they’ll go after him so he needs to keep his composure. We will contain Wilson and HIT him this year and see how he responds. Bradlee will be hunting.

      Lewis is very good on the other side and should have help with safety cover which baits them to JJ’s side…Good Luck. Burgess is solid. Does his job.

      See you in Provo! Go Utes!

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      You just made my week!

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      He that hath ears to hear,let him hear.

      Onlyu has spoken and it is good. 

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        Thanks OnlyU !

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      It’s good to hear the team is ready to go. I’m so excited to see them perform. Watching the Florida-Miami game yesterday made me a little nervous for our game Thursday because it is week 1 and it is a rivalry. But our talent alone will always keep it close if the ball just doesn’t bounce our way Thursday. Thursday cannot come soon enough. 

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      Thanks for the narcolepsy

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      Hype intensifies

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      After the comments about Ludwig, I’m convinced that OnlyU really is Coach Whitt. Who else was around back then?

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      Bernard played LAST year, and I don’t remember him being “too hyped up and do[ing] something stupid” in THAT game.  Why would Thursday’s game be any different?

      My concern with Bernard is that I don’t think he’s really that good.  He only played last year due to injuries, [BS]targeting calls, and relief in blowout games.  If he’s our top guy, I think that makes LB a serious weakness for our D.

      Really wish Bowen was still with us…

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        I don’t agree with PhiladelphiaUte’s assessment of Bernard. I guess we will see this week. He had an incredible int when he played against us, I think he will be very good. As for the rest of the LBs?

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        From a depth perspective, until we see who shines with the lights on, Bernard is a very important piece. Carlson doesn’t fully know the scheme like Francis yet so each week FB stays on the field is another chance for Trennan, Sione, Andrew, etc. to learn from film, game action, etc.

        Biggest difference is that crowd will get after Francis vs. ours last year. Different environment and he’s the starter now. He has to keep his emotions in check. Just different.


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