I feel terrible for Kuithe…But him going down made Kincaid a lot of money.

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        Especially that performance tonight.  What percentage of his NFL signing bonus should he share with Kuithe?  


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        I talked to U$C fans on the train.  One of them said she has never heard a louder stadium.  The guy in front of her misundersood, thought she was yelling at him.  She was merely trying to be heard.

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          How was using the train to leave after last night’s game?

          How long of a timeline waiting to board? Anywhere for infirm folks to sit? How long the transit to down town?

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        eh. Any NFL scout worth their weight knew Kincaid is a freak athlete who never drops passes and is elite in route running well before tonight.

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          And now any NFL scout not worth their weight knows it too

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          Kincaid already is on a lot of radars.

          Rising though just sent a message to the whole country. Five TDs!! 475 yards of total offense and outplaying Caleb Williams. Including an absolute clutch 2 point conversion. 

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        If you didn’t already know. Now you see why Saban offered Kincaid 1 million dollars in an NIL deal to transfer to Bama during last offseason.

        He’s basically unguardable.

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