I get the disappointment, but come on

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        Ute Fan

        I understand that people are disappointed with another RB loss. I was hoping for the big win. And I also get that the program has evolved pretty significantly since joining the Pac. But for whatever reason, I’m very happy with where this program is at.

        We’ve got our best recruiting class coming in Utah history. The team consistently competes at a very high level, and while we haven’t quite ascended to the point where we’re in the playoff, I fully expect it in the next 5 years if we continue to compete on the field and in recruiting. I’m pretty bullish right now on Utah football despite yesterday’s painful showing in Pasadena. But let’s not mope. Surely, we can take satisfaction as fans is the progress the program has made. I refuse to be in the same category as USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, (and the occasional BYU fan) fan mentality and feel ripped off if we don’t win the annual natty. Would it be nice some time? Well, hell yeah! But it’s not going to define the joy I get from Utah football.

        From where I sit, Cam Rising is about the best QB I’ve seen at Utah. The kid is tough, he’s a terrific runner and scrambler, and he’s a hell of a passer. I’d take Cam Rising each and every year if I could. Would I like to see a Joe Burrow or Kaleb Williams go to SLC? Sure! But Rising has exceeded my expectations in pretty much every facet of our game. If he’s healthy and can come back and he beats out incoming recruits including Jackson, cool. Let’s roll!

        The bigger concern for me is Whitt. I’d like to see Kyle stay on the hill for a really long time and keep going with what he’s built so far.

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        Ute Fan

        Thanks for the great, down to earth, logical post. Agree 100%!!

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          Ute Fan

          “I refuse to be in the same category as USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, (and the occasional BYU fan) fan mentality and feel ripped off if we don’t win the annual natty.”

          Who here has expressed this sentiment? Seems a little straw-manny to me.

          I think there’s just a strong contingent of us here who might like to win a bowl game against a good opponent one of these days…

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t see anyone claiming they’ve been ripped off (or anything of the sort). Cam Rising is a good QB. He’s not a great passer, he’s a pretty good passer, We’ve played against at least a couple guys that are better than him in that regard this year.

        If Cam was good enough to be our starting QB based on his passing alone, he would have beat out Brewer. Cam’s passing is fine, but what makes him good is his leadership and his ability to make things happen with his feet. When he’s tried to force things with his arm is when he gets in trouble.

        Cam is fine. I’d prefer it if he didn’t come back this next season. Not because I don’t like him, and not because he wouldn’t make us better… I just want to see a different team next year. I’m ready to move on. No more Cam, no more TT, no more Phillips, no more Kuithe or Kincaid.

        I’m at the point with this team that I was with Huntley/Moss et al after the 2019 season. I’m thankful for the memories. They’ve shown what they can do. I’m ready for the next step (which would probably be a step backward initially tbh).

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          Ute Fan

          Cam makes us better when he has receivers to throw to .. Cam is a baller .. give him the tools and he’ll be fine , problem is we’re a little lacking in that department ; injuries made it worse

          When he took over for brewer , it was an instant difference, just like it was when he got injured in the rose bowl .. need his leadership

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            Ute Fan

            I know he is a difference maker. His leadership is great. Not denying he’s a great player, but his passing isn’t what made him stand out. If that were the case, he never would have lost the competition to Brewer.

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              Ute Fan

              He was still recovering from his shoulder injury and they went with Brewer and his 4 years experience starting at Baylor. In hindsight, it was a miss as Brewer was selfish and the team didn’t like him and fought for Cam (was still a captain). IIRC, it was neck and neck and Brewer just got the nod since he was more or less ‘1-and-done’ and they had reservations about Cam’s full healing. I’m grateful Brewer bought us 3 games so when Cam came back, we could win the PAC12 games that counted and get our 1st championship win.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree about the bright side of things and the trajectory but

        “From where I sit, Cam Rising is about the best QB I’ve seen at Utah”

        Get glasses

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        Ute Fan

        Cam Rising is a good QB, but he can’t stretch the field. There were multiple times this season where Utah was in trouble because Cam can’t stretch the field. His biggest throws this year were floated up there for a guy to go get or a short pass turned into a long run. He never hit anyone in stride down the field they always had to slow up for it.
        As pointed out earlier his leadership and ability to scramble is what has made Cam really good for this team. The WRs aren’t great at Utah. It’s not the lack of speed killing them, but their inability to run really good clean routes.

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        Ute Fan

        Definitely feel a momentum swing. The program is at a high still with room to go. This recruiting class will take a year or two to become starters (transfer guys ready to go now) but gives us even more depth which is needed.

        I was really optimistic and excited in 2021 hoping for a 10-win season and hopes of a PAC12 championship and it happened (even after a disappointing 1-2 start)

        2022, I thought, ‘dang, I thought 2021 was our chance, but we could actually be better’ with those that returned. The Florida loss stung, but again, 10 win season, PAC12 championship, but injuries caught up and couldn’t convert to that Rose Bowl win

        2023 – depends on who returns (Cam, Kuithe, Vele, Yassmin) but also how Nate/Brandon get reps in spring and fall ball. The defense should be better with more experience and depth (and some addition by subtraction). We will have a great RB stable and OL will be even more experienced.

        We are now in an era where it comes down to multiple injuries (we have better depth but too many in key positions and it hurts) and sometimes just a few plays in a few games to make a season go from great to historically spectacular. No one makes the 4 team playoff without a little luck with things going your way. And we should be in the running for the 12 team playoff in 2024 and beyond with our current momentum.

        Keeping the family culture and recruiting going could come down to Whitt staying another year, 3, 5 or passing it along to the right next gen of coaches. Who that is, I’m not sure. I’m split on Scalley, but Whitt will stay around the athletic program even after he retires from coaching.

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