I just rewatched the opening kickoff

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    Larry B
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    Watching it live, I thought it was such a stupid decision. Watching it again, the defender on the left side didn’t stay in his lane and bit hard on Covey on the right side. If Field is able to break one tackle, he scores untouched.

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    Ute Fan

    It wasn’t even a tackle. It was guy falling and leg whipped him. Oregon got lucky. 

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    I think if the kick is that deep in the end zone the reverse should be called off and we should just go with the touchback. 

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    Kyle said in the post-game presser that they had seen this tendency to leave their lanes on kicks and that is why they dialed it up. To Tony’s point, KW said what threw things off was that the kick was deeper and more to the corner than was ideal, but the execution was still poor. My initial reaction was the same as yours, wtf were we thinking, but watching it again with the whole field view plus Kyle’s insight and I totally get why they tried it. BUT you gotta execute…

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    I liked the utes opening the game with a trick play. I think it set the tone with players that we were going to be aggressive. Maybe that’s the key to no more slow starts.


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