IMO Utes win tomorrow if

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      They can avoid the mistakes we made in the USC game. 

      ASU plays a crazy defense.  They had like 15 tackles for loss against Stanford in the first half. They will likely cause our offense some issues, but they will likely give up some big plays as well. If we avoid the big mistakes – we should win.  This is our scariest remaining game  ASU has not lost a game by more than a TD.

      Go Utes!!!

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      Related to your theme, Troy Taylor needs to not panic and go away from Moss if the run game isn’t working right out of the gate.

      I’m guessing ASU will be fired up to stop him and will likely have some early game success. Stay the course and feed Moss 20-30 times, and I’d be shocked if we didn’t come away with the W.

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        He’s already had a game like that in USC if that is some comfort. Moss didn’t really get going until the 2nd half. He’s got some good experience now, and ASU has a beat up DL, they’re starting interior guy is out I believe, should be able to come out pounding them.

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      Keep turnovers to a minimum.

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      I am feeling more confident about tomorrow because we don’t have to worry about Todd Graham stealing our signals.

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        I really loathed that man as HC. He made ASU easy to hate for me. 

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      I’m hoping Huntley is looking to avenge the ASU game last year (a game he was not physically ready to play in, imo) and plays with a chip on his shoulder.

      If Huntley plays with swagger, our OL gives him time and we feed Moss, I predict a win.

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      Score more points than the other team.


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