Interesting take on Charlie Brewer.

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        I watched a couple videos from these guys during all the realignment talk. Kind of interesting to listen to regarding Charlie Brewer. I didn’t know of him before the transfer and thought their insight was interesting especially since I’m dying for the season to start. 

        Will Charlie Brewer be as good at Utah as he was at Baylor?

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        Interesting video analysis on Brewer, thanks for posting it! They all agreed that CB never got to play behind a good OL while at Baylor and last year it was atrocious. Our OL is projected to be very good this year, knock on wood. If that’s the case, I’m excited to see what he’s able to do.

        It sounds like the perfect fit for Charlie Brewer and for us. Because our offense isn’t needing a gun slinger with a canon who can drop dimes all over the field. We need a QB who takes care of the ball, makes good decisions, and is accurate enough to hit the open receiver. From what I saw in the Spring game, this is what we are getting with Charlie Brewer (granted, he was playing knowing that the defense couldn’t touch him). But he just looked really smooth, comfortable, and confident.

        Aside from all of that, my optimisim is probably the highest for CB because of the way Whitt has talked about him at times. Whitt never hypes up anyone unless it’s warranted. So for that reason alone, I’m expecting him to do very well running the offense. Can’t wait for the season to get here….Go Utes!!

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        Interestingly interesting. I’m interested in more. 

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        Utah’s success will hinge heavily on their O line play especially against USC, UO and ASU to an extent. We will know early in the season agianst USC if Utah has improved in this area. WR and TE crew are solid. RBs and QBs solid. Oline like the last 2-3 years is the big question mark?

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          Yes that is super duper correct. 

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          Yep… Harding has 5 games to prove he knows how to coach pass blocking. If obvious improvement isn’t apparent by the end of the USC game, he needs to go. This has been our Achilles heel for years.

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