Interesting trends in the 60 in 60 picks

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      Ute Fan

      There are a few interesting trends in the 60 in 60 picks for the best players in the state.  There have been 35 names listed so far.  There are 10 Utah players included in that list.  With 9 of those 10 players, the fan ranking is higher (sometimes much higher) than the overall ranking.  For example, Pita Tonga is listed as 27th overall and 17th by the fans.  The only Utah player who does not fit into this category is our backup QB Shelley.

      My understanding is that the fan votes equal to one media vote.  I think there are 16 total votes.  Consequently, the fan votes is 1/16 of the overall ranking.  Why, is this happening so consistently with Utah players?

      1. There were more Utah fans who voted.

      2. The media hates Utah players.

      3. The media realizes that they need listeners from all the local teams and are trying to balance the list as much as possible.

      I think it is a combination of 1 and 3.

      Other interesting things from the list to date:

      Utah’s two tight ends and four of our wide receivers are on the list already.  This seems to imply that they do not have much respect for the receivers.  Of course, Covey will end up in the top ten.  I guess Thompson could also end up in the top 25, but he has had little playing time to date.

      Utah has already had three defensive linemen picked and that does not include our top three guys.  So, Utah will have six defensive linemen on the list, which is impressive.

      Utah has no offensive lineman on the list so far.  I suspect we will have one, which says a lot about what everyone thinks of our offensive line.

      I believe that over half of the remaining 25 players to be listed will be Utes including Huntley, Moss, Covey, 3 defensive linemen, at least 3 defensive backs, an offensive lineman and a Bernard.  I think they have some silly rule that a transfer cannot be included on the ballot, so that leaves Bowen off the list.



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      Ute Fan

      Utes on the list so far:

      26 Jaylen Dixon

      27 Pita Tonga

      28 Samson Nacua

      31 Solomon Enis

      36 Demari Simpkins

      37 Mika Tafua

      41 Cole Fotheringham

      42 Hauati Pututau

      43 Jason Shelley

      50 Brant Kuithe

      56 Bryan Thompson


      Number of players from each team so far:

      Utah: 11

      BYU: 11

      USU: 11

      Weber: 2


      Utah players not yet listed who I would guess will be in top 25:

      Bradlee Anae

      Francis Bernard

      Julian Blackmon

      Manny Bowen(?)

      Britain Covey

      Leki Fotu

      TJ Green

      Javelin Guidry


      Tyler Huntley

      Jaylon Johnson

      Zack Moss

      Darrin Paulo

      John Penisini

      Maxs Tupai

      Orlando Umana

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        Ute Fan

        As I mentioned above, I think they have some silly rule about not including transfers on the ballot.  That means Bowen will not make the list.  It will be interesting to see if DHC makes the list.  I think if he was to make the list, we would have already seen his name, but who knows.  I 

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      Ute Fan

      I am amazed at how much attention this list gets. Way more than it deserves.

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        Ute Fan

        It really is amazing why people give this more than a second of attention.  I’m assuming this is some local Utah radio station?  If so, it’s in their best interest to equally  selection for both Utah and Byup – to keep the audience happy.

        It’s rigged – move on


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        Ute Fan

        I suspect it plays on peoples’ compulsive need to compare things, and our sense of Injustice when we see flaws in those comparisons. I try to avoid this list like the plague because it p**ses me off.

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          Ute Fan

          I wasn’t aware of this thing until this thread alerted me. Now it irritates me, but not too much, because I know that local media has to give lip service to the other in-state schools. Meh, they aren’t in the same league as us, that’s all I really know.

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        Ute Fan

        It is certainly not a big thing in the grander scheme of things.  However, most people like to predict and speculate about what will happen in an upcoming sport’s season.  I think the trend of Utah players being rated higher by the fans was interesting.  Does it have any importance?  Absolutely not, but it’s still interesting to me, but I guess not to you.  Oh well.

        I posted it because I figured some would be interested.  I knew some would say WTH. 


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