Is anyone else amazed that we’re able to land big time recruits on offense?

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      It truly is baffling to me. Outside of RB, I don’t know why an offensive player would pick Utah if they had other P5 offers. I mean, Tuttle? Enis? I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if either of those guys aren’t on the roster next year. They are both NFL talent and they’re risking losing millions of dollars by trusting our inept coaching staff.

      We’ve been so bad on O for so long, I’m starting to wonder if our coaches are some of the best salesmen in the country.

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      Jim Fassel Fan
      Ute Fan

      Why on earth Tuttle came here is beyond me. Remove the Urban Meyer anomaly and we’ve had a grand total of ONE NFL draft pick at QB in at least the last FORTY years. 

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        Ute Fan

        Has it really been forty years since Scott Mitchell? Oh, only 28 years. I’d think a Jim Fassel Fan would have known it’ s only been 28 years. Sad he was the “one NFL” draft pick. But I might be missing #1.

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      Ute Fan

      I was happy when Carrington transferred here. But honestly I felt bad for him. Also confused why he would. We don’t have throwing QBs, run a heavy read option. We’ve had so much wasted talent at WR. Scott, Patrick, Carrington. They’re just not utilized, not even 20% of their full potential. 


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