Jeff Jonas proves Abraham Lincoln right!

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      Ute Bc
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      Pretty embarrassing and petty interview by Jeff Jonas today on KALL. He made several disparaging statements about Harlan and contradicted himself redundantly. I was embarrassed for him and his interviews content and tone.

      -“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”

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      Way too much info in this post.

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      I always like Jeff but he is lost. I do agree with him that Alex Jensen should be at the top of our wish list. After that he was embarrassing to listen to. He made me wonder when he said he told Larry he felt sorry for him because of the profession he works in. He must think no one else has aggravation in their job but they get buy with smaller pay checks. He doesn’t think players work hard any more, doesn’t like where the game has gone, and must blame Harlan for his dog getting lost.

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        Ute Bc
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        Exactly right.

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      The “great guy” pity party for LK is becoming a tired act. I’m sure LK is an awesome dude, great dad, etc. LK has done a lot of great things for Utah BB. Harlan cut him loose because the past few years he was not doing the job to the expectations of the University. I suspect there were some deep wallet Utah donors that felt the same way. 

      Jonas sounded like an entitled fool himself. Oh yeah Bill, I am on the golf course in Arizona, BTW let me bitch on SLC air about entiled kids and how s**ttly college BB is while my multimillion dollar paid buddy got fired for not doing his job. Riley lapped it all up as well. Do agree AJ would be the ideal hire for the job. I’m sure Harlan is all over it. The football offseason distractions are in full force. Go Utes!


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      Jonas said the current team is talent poor and we need better players.

      Well who’s fault is that?????

      Larry was burned out after 10 years and lost the enthusiasm to recruit.

      Utah basketball is a very difficult place to recruit to. Even with all his success Big Rick struggled to get top black athletes to sign with Utah.

      There are a lot of stereotypes and negative recruiting any Coach at Utah will have to swim upstream against.

      It got so bad at the end Larry was pretty much relying on international players exclusively to fill the roster.

      Jonas was just mad his friend got fired but then gave multiple reason why it should have happened without realizing it.

      Bottom line Larry was a sinking ship and the program needed a fresh start.

      Another reason why I hope Jonnie Bryant gets the job is on top of his qualifications he will help breakdown those cultural and racial stereotypes that exist around the country about Utah basketball.

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        Ute Fan

        It is absolutely Larry’s fault about players. He is the one who recruits them. Such a strange argument to say the coach should not be fired because the players he recruited are not good enough. That line may work in pros or even high school, but in college, the coach makes his own bed. Whit (and pretty much every other coach) acknowledges that recruiting is the primary job and main factor in success. That’s not to say you need to sign only 4 or 5 star recruits, but you need to find guys that fit what you want (instead of signing guys that soon transfer and blame the recruit for not fitting the system).

        As for Utah basketball being “a very difficult place to recruit.” I think that is an overstatement. I think Big Rick may have overplayed that. There are likely some challenges, but if the Football team can get top athletes of all skin colors, I think the hoops team can do it, too. Players go where they think they will be successful. A college coach needs to be a great salesman and instill confidence in players. If he does that, players will come.

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          Ute Fan

          I agree with you for the most part.  However, when you finish second to a school that is caught cheating on a couple of very key recruits, some of that thought might not always apply.

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