June 1st

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      Ute Fan

      Is Utah bringing the team onto campus June 1 to get things rolling???

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      D T
      Ute Fan

      Supposed to stagger players in, instate kids first.

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      Ute Fan

      We need to make a decision to open school to allow the needed planning, as soon as yesterday.  I hope we don’t have to go forward without the California schools and Colorado but I also hope they don’t hold us back.  The weeks we missed in spring is more than the amount of time we can afford to have our universities closed.  I believe most of all that is possible to gain can be realized with basic measures that can be done with those other than high risk working and going to school.  It will take more time for high risk faculity and students to feel comfortable returning.  I am currious as to the format that will be offered to fans in the time period prior to most fan becoming comfortable sitting next to a stranger.  

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