Just returned from the game, 3 things really really bugged me.

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      Ute Fan

      1. Is there a team with worse results inside the 10 than Utah this year? Run left, run right, run into the defender. 4th down.

      2. Those missed FGs really hurt in the end.

      3. Being as I was at the game and thought the Colorado DBs were all over the receivers all night, did I miss the NBA refs suiting up for today’s game? The refs were horrible, couldn’t freaking place the ball on the hash, and took forever for Utah to finally get their attention. The call where well after the whistle the CU defender threw Joe down, and they spots seemed to be like a cheap haircut all night long, about 6 inches too short.

      Our Utes had plenty of chances to win, but not having an offensive TD until 58 minutes into the game????? That requires some attention. And I had ties to ARod in the past. We need to find someone else to call plays.

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      Ute Fan

      Watching this game on TV was tough, I wish I had a full view of the field, because with how many times Troy had to scramble tonight it sure made it feel like absolutely nobody was open downfield at all. I wonder if that was true, or if he just misread and tucked the ball. It’s hard to say on TV. From the TV perspective, it didn’t look to me like our WRs were victims of PI, but it sure felt like our DBs were the victims of some PI calls that shouldn’t have happened.

      Andy only missed 1 FG, albeit within 50 yards and something that he’s normally “automatic” on.

      Agreed on your statements regarding the offense.

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        Ute Fan

        The biggest no call was the endzone pass to Singleton. The DB had his hand on his forearm and kept him from getting it up to make a clean grab. You want to allow some hand fighting, fine, but have to call something that keeps the WR from going up for the ball. They also let Colorado get away with a lot of bumping well down field, which is fine, but then you can’t call the little contact Domo had on that under thrown end zonce shot on 3rd down. That extended a TD drive instead of a punt. There weren’t a ton of bad/missed calls like that, but they all had a big impact.

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      Ute Fan

      I cannot believe we didn’t get a single pi call. Especially after the awful call on domo that extended a drive and lead to a td.

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      Tacoma Ute
      Ute Fan

      They were grabbing Patrick’s arm all night.

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      Ute Fan

      Colorado had 0 penalty yards for the entire game. I don’t remember seeing that before. One flag was thrown for holding on the 2 yard line (a net 1 yard penalty), so it was declined. That was literally it. I saw their OT in a full bear hug of Dimick several times as they run around the edge and no flag. They blatantly grabbed CBB as he ran past and thankfully grabbed a pass for a long gain, no flag. CBs would hold our WR arms to restrict catch just about every play – no call. Props to them for hiding it well and getting away with it, I guess.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t think the officiating explains the failures this year. I would blame lack of offensive innovation vs. officiating. Even a mediocre red zone performance would have had us with at most 1 loss this season.

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