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Kick offs

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      Henry Johnston

      Is anyone else concerned with Phillips inability to reach the endzone with his kickoffs?

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      Not until we lose… It’s a little concerning, but until it matters I think we have to let him do his thing.

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        Henry Johnston

        I still like PHillips as our field goal kicker, it just seems like we should have someone that can kick the ball into the endzone.

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          I will be fine up until its reported he is supposed to be kicking it out of the endzone and has not been able for whatever reason (injury/psychology/etc.)

          He has displayed ample leg strength in preceding years, so I’m not sure if this is a Morgan Scalley design to try and stop the returns before the 25 yd line, or if its a mistake by Philips.

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      Explain to me especially with the altitude in slc, why Phillips can’t or shouldn’t be kicking it out of the endzone.

      Couldn’t agree more with this topic and its concern. Phillips seems to be like a Jeremy Olsen type? Lack of focus? Idk. But I sure am frustrated if its a coaching thing but because that usu kick to the 40 was bad.

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      I know at one point Whitt mentioned the shorter kickoffs were by design. The idea is to get good hang time and drop the ball inside the 5. Usually when this is executed perfectly (including good tackling) they are able to tackle the kick returner before he reaches the 25. Not sure if that’s what happening right now, but it has been explained in the past.

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        I know that two years ago, Phillips didn’t have the leg strength to get it to the end zone. Last year after working out in the off-season, he was able to boot it out of the end zone. I am wondering if he left off on some of the strength training this off-season, and isn’t able to do it any longer.

        I just think that his kicks look more similar to two years ago, than last year.

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          I hope it’s not a strength issue as I get the impression Andy is a pretty hard worker. You could be right though…perhaps he got too confident in his abilities after all the praise he’s been getting and took it easy over the offseason. I trust the coaches to get it worked out one way or another.

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