Kliff Kingsbury to USC OC finalized…

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    I see this as a great hire.  I am still trying to figure out how they will mess it up, which they will.

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      I disagree. USC recruits OL and RB’s as good as Alabama. Why go to a Air Raid offense? You take your two biggest strengths and make them irrelevant. It’s crazy. 

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        Puget Ute
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        TTU ran a LOT.  Way more than WSU.  43% of plays were run plays, and they racked up about 1600 yards this season to go with their 4300 yds passing.  I don’t see him running an Air Raid offense, although I do see more of a reliance of quick-strike passes and more confusing schemes.

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        Ummmm, have you seen the receivers coming out of USC. They are amazing as well. An Air Raid with their talent would be great (then again, any scheme should work with their talent).

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    Good hire for the conference. It’s a small step towards being at least somewhat nationally respected.

    To do: 

    – Fire Larry Scott

    – Some school needs a home run hire, like USC hiring Urban Meyer (I don’t know if that will happen, but something on that scale). And it needs to work out: top 10, conference championships, legitimate playoff contenders. I know Chris Peterson has done this, but it needs to be someone more respected by the east coast.

    – Someone needs to win a national championship. Football, basketball, not just water polo or skiing as much fun as that is.

    – PAC-12 networks needs to get into more households or it needs to die. All the other P5 conferences are earning way more revenue from TV and media than the PAC-12 and that needs to change.

    – PAC-12 needs to cut spending costs. Millions and millions each year that could go to each school but instead is going towards HQ in San Francisco, $$$ salary for crappy commissioner, etc, those costs need to be limited.

    – Football and basketball need to schedule more non conference games against marque opponents, and 8 game conference schedule for football. 

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    USC runs pro-style while Kliff is spread.  Kliff is also a control freak and needs the realm for his offense.  He called the plays at TT.  However, I think it’s a great hire for Helton.   Remember, Troy Talor and Braun had an air raid at EW.  They made adjustments and added their creativity to their respected schools.  


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