Many of us including me have all the answers about what players are doing wrong

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    Ute Fan

    it reminds me of a post game callin show they did with Levell Edwards.  About 30 years ago, after a loss when the kicker misse a few field goal attempts – a caller called in and said he had been watching the kicker with his binoculars. He told Lavell he knew what the kicker was doing wrong. Lavell lost it. He said, “You mean to tell me that you can tell me what he is doing wrong from 50 yards away.  We film the kicker, review every move in slow motion and review the films from ever angle. But, you can tell me something we don’t know?”

    i do the same thing. Our coaches spend hundreds of hours watching every move, block, cut, tackle, etc. from both games and practices.   I think they know what the players are doing right and wrong. I highly doubt we can tell them something they don’t already know.  But, the fan in me will continue to get frustrated and believe I know something they don’t  

    Go Utes


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    Truman Angell
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    Key question–why were you listening to a Lavell Edwards post game show…?

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      Ute Fan

      The post game callin shows were quite entertaining. They lasted about 90 minutes. You should never subject a coach to a fan callin show after a tough loss.  One other great quote from Lavell came after losing to Wyoming in a a blizzard in Laramie. He said, “I would rather lose and live in Provo than go undefeated and live in Laramie.”

      The show was also made great because Paul James would ask such stupid questions like, This is your first road win against a team that wears purple jerseys. Tell us what that means to the team.”  He would do the same in basketball with Frank Arnold. But, Frank had no patience and would blow off PJ. 

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    Ute Fan

    Now the refs, on the other hand… 50 yards + 60 rows back + a PhD in the rules of College Football uniquely qualifies all 46,000 of us to correct the zebras.  😀

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      Ute Fan

      After seeing other officiating crews in different conferences, I’m not convinced about the officials ability to maintain objectivity at all. They also have tendencies, which SHOULD NOT EXIST in an officiating crew. The Pac-12 are the most likely to call targeting, and review a non-call to create targeting. It was like this last year as well. I don’t think the unconfirmed calls are noted, but the Pac-12 led the nation with 30 confirmed calls last year. SEC was a close second with 27, but the next closest was the American Conference with 21. The Big-12 had 12 and the ACC had 6. There is no way that this is being consistently called.

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