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      Former 4 star instead of 5 star. Pace not impressed.

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        Sounds like a good athlete who didn’t cut it at Baylor as a QB… did I miss something?

        I have no doubt he’ll find a place on the team but not sure it’s QB.   Now, how’s the high school recruiting going?

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          We are seeing why Katravis Marsh opened up his recruitment. Someone suggested a day or so ago that the parting of ways was mutual.

          Given that we have not heard from Tate Rodemaker, the overlooked Georgia HS QB recruit, I wonder if we can assume he is not coming to Utah. AL offered Tate at his HS after a practice during Utah’s recent bye week.

          Peyton wants a shot at QB. Every program saw him as an athlete. Baylor indicated that they would give him a shot. While I don’t know what really happened I sense that ‘shot’ was half hearted. He’ll get his opportunity at Utah and likely have a year to learn Ludwig’s system. If he does not perform as well as required for the position—BTW nice to have options—he may end up in the secondary or at receiver. He is a terrific athlete. If he embraces Utah’s locker room ethos of team first, he will excel no matter what position he plays.

          <p sBe happy.

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          High school recruiting, what decade or you living in? It’s all about transfers now. Catch up pokey.

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      Terrific. Great having a prized 2021 option.

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      If he’s here to play quarterback, this may trigger Shelley hitting the transfer portal.

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        Or he will shift to a different position like slot receiver.

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        He’s probably going to have to sit out next year because he’s a transfer.  Unless it gets waived somehow.  So I don’t think it mixes much up for next year, it’ll be between Rising and Shelley.

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        I’m definitely not writing him off, I fully expect Shelley to compete well for the starting position!  He did a good job last year and that was before Ludwig came in and made significant improvements with the offense.

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      Huge get. Powell had offers from Oklahoma, Ohio State, Texas, etc. 

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