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      Vote in the poll on the website and the Ute Hub mobile app!  What’s your way too early Utah Football ranking? Support your vote with comments here. 

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      Ute Fan

      (Full disclosure, I tend to be a pessimist). I’m not quite there with saying we should be top 10. I think 11 or 12 would be more appropriate. Offensively we should be fine next season, particularly if Rising takes a step forward. Defensively, we lost our best player, and have some questions in the secondary and d-line. 

      With a big win at Florida week 1, we have some cushion to make a mistake and still have a shot at the playoff. We also should be favorites to win the PAC this coming season. 

      I am worried about getting to much hype early on and letting that ruin our season. Look at what happened to Iowa State and UNC this year. Media darlings week 1, then barely making a bowl game at the end of the season. But Whitt seems to be good about keeping his team focused, so I am hopeful we can avoid falling flat. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m in a different boat I guess. I’m more worried about our team showing up on day 1. I have zero doubt that, if healthy we will be playing like a top team by season’s end… but at the beginning of the season?

        I want to see Harding get our OL figured out before fall camp starts. That is my dream scenario.

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          Ute Fan

          I agree with wanting to see our OL figured out in Fall camp and ready to go. With 4 starters returning (Kump was a starter before being injured) there’s no reason why the OL shouldn’t be ready to go on day 1.

          I will say that we as Ute fans we are in uncomfortable territory because with the exception of a couple of times recently, we are used to being in the “hunter” role. However, with what Whitt and staff have been building the program towards, we need to get used to being the “hunted” now. Gone are the days of being able to sneak up on anyone. We are the defending Champs at the top of the conference. And we are going to take everyone’s best shot. And with the trajectory of the program, this is likely to continue for several seasons. So it will be really important for the program to learn how to deal with all of the hype, because they are only going to get more of it as the winning continues, and live up to it. This is the new normal IMO, and I believe we’re going to have to get comfortable with it.

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            Ute Dub
            Ute Fan

            Projected Left to Right: Kump LT, Bills LG, Maile C, Laumea RG, Daniels RT. Everyone has experience. I thought Paul Maile played really well at Center last year. He’s strong and has some speed when pulling. I saw him getting to the second level many times with his blocks. I do wish we had Bam back for 1 more year. 

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          Ute Fan

          The Utes have not “snuck up” on anyone since about 2015, maybe 2014.  Further, the same crowd that was lamenting the years of November collapses are now sure the Utes will be playing like a top team by seasons end.  Teams with returning offensive production at skill positions get the rub, especially if it is a 1st team all conference quarterback.  That is just how the eye test works and the computers skew that way as well.

          Embrace the rise.  Utah will be ranked in the top 8 when the magazines come out and it doesn’t really matter, this “hunter vs. hunted” crap doesn’t matter, hype doesn’t matter.  The Utes either will or won’t, enjoy the ride.

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          Ute Fan

          Agree. Some nit-picky off season, armchair conjecture. KW’s teams out of Fall camp historically play head scratching football as if they skipped Fall camp. Florida beats Utah if Utah plays the usual lack-luster, lazy early season football. KW has been an amazing, great coach for Utah, no question. If Utah is to contend for the CFP or another run at the P12 Championship, KW needs to solve his past struggles as a coach starting slow, end of game management against good teams in big games, and coaching his team as a hunted winner.

          IMO-Oline is solid. My concerns are defensive leadership and the secondary. New leaders need to step up on defense with Sewell and Lloyd gone. Broughton has a ton of hype to return, but has started only 7 games in his career at CB. Obviously his season ending injury was serious. Not sold on the depth at CB. Safety positions are also a collection of inexperienced players. Spring ball and the transfer portal should be interesting. Punt and KO return were a nightmare. Coach Shah’s personal situation could add some distraction with his wife’s trial starting this month. Shah is beyond a great coach and hopefully his family legal troubles are cleared up before the season starts.

          All that said, amazing how high Utah football has elevated. Season can’t get here soon enough. Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      #10. Understanding the defense has to replace not only the best player on field but also one of the team captains, the Utes are coming off an incredible run in conference play, two huge wins over Oregon, and going toe to toe with Ohio St on the biggest stage outside of the playoffs. If there’s any season the Utes live up to the hype, it’s this one.

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      Ute Fan

      Haven’t voted yet because I don’t know where we should be ranked right now. However I do think we make the playoff at season’s end. Ready for the best season in history!!

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