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        I would like  to see the Utes go back to the offense they ran last year with Troy Williams.  No RPO.  Direct handoffs to Zach so he knows he is getting the ball and where his blocks will be.  Run 60-65% of the plays, pass 35-40%.  Pass routes mostly in the 5-15 yard range with very few long balls.  Play action, especially if we are running 65% of the time.  Make receivers block down field or they don’t play.


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        It is amazing how much slower things go with Huntley on the RPO. Even when they do it with Covey on that trick play. Soooo slow. 

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        I agree with you 100% unfortunately Whitt loves the RPO so I don’t see that happening. Utah is heavily recruiting another “duel threat” quarterback as we speak.

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          RPO is read pass option which can be run with a pocket QB as the run part usually refers to the running back keep.

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          Duel threats are the best!

          Duel threat, guns AND sword!

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        One of the depressing things about Saturday’s game (of the many) is that Utah has essentially the same offense as it did last year, but performed much worse. Same coaches and mostly all the same players. So either UW got better (likely true to some extent) or Utah’s offense got worse (also likely true). I’ve said it already, but to me it was not one particular player or coach that blew it on Saturday, it was a combination of lots of unforced errors, by multiple players, all occurring at terrible times.

        I am not saying the offense looked good, but if some of those drops get caught, if some of the wild throws are on target, and if the turnovers get cut down, the game changes drastically. Again, you can always say “what if” and I am not saying the offense looked good, nor am I expecting miraculous catches or throws, but there are some very simple things that if executed change the whole feel of the game. For example, without that tickytack targeting call, one of UW’s touchdown drives ends with an INT, and if the D lineman doesn’t fumble out of bounds, we get another TD. Ultimately, little things can have a huge effect on a game. Utah did not execute (or, get a break) on the little things. A comedy of errors.

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          Well said

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          I agree, it seemed to be the perfecto storm with the drops, missed throws, bad calls.  Should have been close or a win.

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        Hope TT is reading all of this and having a bunch of sleepless nights working to figure the offense out that Utah can have success with.

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