Offensive line

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    Ute Fan

    There had been a lot of talk about this team next year. One question on offense has been the line. We lose falemaka, Barton, and Agasiva after this year.

    I think nick ford fills in at one of the guard spots.
    I think Braeden Daniels takes the LT spot.
    And then there is one guy some have forgot about, Johnny Capra who can play center or guard.

    LT- Daniel’s
    LG- Capra
    C- Umana
    RG- Ford
    RT- Paulo

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    Ute Fan

    Didn’t Capra retire?  I thought he announced he was done? 

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      Ute Fan

      I thought he was just out for the year

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        Ute Fan

        I thought he was out for the year only as well. If so im sure we will be ok


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