Only 6 teams have ranked more times then Utah in the CFP.

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        The 6 are: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU and Notre Dame. We are tied with Georgia.

        Just so you all don’t have to take the bait and click.

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          There are 75 teams on that list that people may have an interest in. Also there are statistics on that list that some may like. Not everything is a bait and click.

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        This is really cool from a consistency standpoint. My stat driven kind thinks it sucks that our average rank is more than double than 5 of the 6 teams. This may come off as a downer statement, but the frequency of being ranks is awesome. As our recruiting continues to improve, the average rank should decrease.

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        Since Kyle coached through all of that, I think that puts him in the top 10 of active coaches.

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