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        Need the info on Moss. He hasn’t appeared to be running like the normal Moss for awhile now. Announced yesterday he was dealing with rib issues. Can’t hold him out, but is he going to be healthy?

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        Huntley and Jaylon Johnson, as well.  

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        He had 200+ yards last week at Arizona. Seems to be running pretty damn good lately to me. No?

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        Give it to CU, they really tackled and wrapped him up on early contact during the first 2.5 quarters. But then…he really did start to push them around.

        I think the rib thing was a nit. He seemed to run pretty well in the 4th Q. I was more worried about our #1’s knees and ankles. Wish it weren’t a short week.

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        CU’s entire defensive gameplan was to stop Moss, and it was effective (especially in the first quarter). Gotta give CU credit, their defense has improved drastically over the last few weeks. That linebacker (Landward?) was amazing.

        Fortunately for Utah, them keying in on Moss opened up other opportunities. Utah is a well-balanced team and is hard to stop for an entire game.

        I do worry about the health of Huntley and Moss, both got a little dinged up during the game and we need them against Oregon.

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        I mean most of these guys are banged up at this point in the season but they’ll all be ready next week. Moss was the focus of the defense last night along with the exotic blitz schemes they ran at us. Practice was rough last week with WR’s switching spots with the Thompson injury and working on the ways they bring pressure. I honestly expected a slow start until we could figure out what they were doing. Tyler won’t be 100% again this year after the knee he got in the ASU game but he’s probably close to 90 which is about all you could hope for after 12 games. Same with Moss…Jaylon rolled that ankle but it didn’t go all the way over so not a big deal at all.

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          Tyler tweaked that leg again last night. You can see it on the skycam broadcast.

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