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      Ute Fan

      I was just thinking about how I’ve experienced some serious highs and lows due to the Oregon game each time we’ve played them in conference.

      2013: I was on my mission so I have zero memory of it but my dad said it was awful

      2014: we had this game imo, that infamous clay drop was quite the swing. If memory serves me we would’ve been up 2 scores and the place was going nuts! Then all of a sudden the duck fans were freaking out and it took the wind right out of the building

      2015: man what a dominant win! I remember every duck fan I knew thinking they would walk all over us but then we dropped a nuclear warhead on autzen for their worst home loss ever. Special teams trickery, booker, covey. What a game, that was the game that sent us into the top 5 that year and put the whole league on notice for good! Watched the game in my apartment lounge and as people walked by everyone of them was shocked lol

      2016: this game was the carrington game where he was like a quarter of an inch in bounds for the score and eliminated us from Pac-12 championship consideration. That Oregon team wasn’t even that great but they did have Herbert. I was livid after that one

      2017: that whole year sucked and then to go to autzen and get beat down so bad was the pits. Worst part was being with my wife’s friends watching it on my phone having all my wife’s friend’s husbands who didn’t know squat about football asking me why I was still watching it…because I care too damn much that’s why!!

      2018: no Huntley and no moss and everyone picking Oregon that week in a must win for us to stay in the south title race. Then Shelley happened and Shyne happened! We lived in rexburg during this where a lot of duck fans actually live and that was a proud moment going to the store after that with my Ute stuff on haha

      2019: all we had to do was win and we were in the cfp. It felt like we never showed up and it was painful how good we were all year long minus usc to lay an egg like that. That team was stacked with talent only to run into Herbert and a solid duck defense

      2021 part 1: this one was great 28-0 at half, their all world DE getting toasted on the edge, covey with the return and the missed FG. So many great memories from our win over the highest ranked team in RES!

      2021 part 2: my favorite win ever up to this point (now it is the 2022 Pac-12 championship game)! Everyone thought Oregon would beat us down with revenge but then we slapped them right in the face AGAIN! Stiff arms, pick sixes, 22s being thrown up in the endzone, our first conference title in the P5 and a rose bowl berth…we were on top of the world it felt like

      2022: rising was still trying to get right and played horribly but nix did too. This was the revenge Oregon wanted and we were so close had we converted the first down at the end. Thankfully we rebounded from that but I remember feeling really dejected because it seemed like our chance of a repeat was gone.

      This year: here we are again with a huge set up for huge stakes for this game. Loser is out of the cfp race and probably on life support for a pac-12 title. Our pig farmer and several back ups versus their top ten team with gameday in town. Saturday can’t come soon enough and the only thing that would make it better is for the game to be at night but beggars can’t be choosers!

      Go Utes!!!

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      The Miami Ute
      Ute Fan

      2019 was my biggest letdown. I was actually at the game with my daughter. We had tickets right by the tunnel entrance leading to the Utes locker room. One of the biggest thrills of my life was being about five feet from Whitt as he was giving his pregame speech to the team. Recorded it all with my phone and felt like I was inside the huddle.

      Game was a total disappointment. Oregon had nothing to play for and still beat us. They had a 23-0 lead going into the locker room but the Utes came back with two second half TDs to close it to a one score game.

      Game ended being a rout because of two late CJ Verdell TDs. However, many people forget that Utah was driving in Oregon territory with about nine minutes left and Whitt decided to punt on a 4th and four and pin Oregon back. Utah didn’t do anything else during the rest of the game. That one really hurt because we were so close to making the CFP.

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        Ute Fan

        2019 was the last time I’ve truly flipped out over a football game. I was very close to pulling out the little hair I had left on my head.

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      Ute Fan

      You can see our talent improving throughout the series. With us slowly getting to the point where we can compete based on talent, and don’t just need to have a perfect day to win. Even in 2019, it seemed like we barely lacked the athletic class to fully compete.

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