PAC 12 QB ratings

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        With a full offseason to work as the No. 1 quarterback, look for Rising to take a step forward in his second year as the starter.”

        We all already knew that Rising will be returning at as our #1 QB this fall, but it’s the way the article highlighted the difference between this year and last — wherein last year, Brewer got the #1 snaps in practice.  But with Rising getting them now, all he has to do is stay healthy this year, and his improvement from last year to this might even exceed Huntley’s performance improvement between his Jr and Sr year.  And Huntley still is a high bar!

        Very excited about 2022.

        6 more weeks!  

        GO UTES!!!

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        Maybe I’m missing something, but I wasn’t overly impressed by CW at OU last year…..His best games were against poor teams & I watched him barely eek out a victory against KU.

        He is familiar w/LR’s scheme & USC is loaded at WR, but I don’t envision him being the seasoned fit CR is w/in our O.


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          Agreed. The media has to pump him up because he’s at $C and they want those clicks from LA.

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            I appreciate the cynicism that floats below the surface on this board. 

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              Cynicism runs deep among us Utes.

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          I agree on CW.  He was good, but surrounded by tons of talent.  He was not great IMO.  

          I think Cam will have a very good season, but statistically, I think CW will be better.  He has the WRs to put up some amazing numbers.  Cam will lead a run-first offense and will likely average around 230 yards per game.  CW will probably average 300-350 yards per game in that offense.

          I am happy that Rising is our QB.  He is a near-perfect fit IMO.

          Go Utes!!!


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            Well said, Cam is the guy to lead this team, even if he won’t put up the passing numbers of several others, including probably Caleb Williams of U$C.  I like the Ute’s chances when U$C comes to town as they’ve done little to improve their defense.  Hope the Ute’s defense is ready and healthy.

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