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        Ute Fan

        Guys our drop rate has been on a steep decline since the first three games. 

        Believe it was at one time 4.0 and going into SC game was down to 1.5 

        Huntley has garnered some touch and receivers hands have been a major reason why we are so balanced. 

        A major new wrinkle that has emerged since Stanford game and was on full tilt against SC has been our use of the TE position. It is another weapon that defensive coordinators have to game plan against going forward. This makes us four dimensional that is a major reason why we are scoring 40plus. 

        QB run

        RB run



        We are not the run,run and dump pass team no more!

        Remember how defensive players knew what play was coming and called it out before play happened. It feels great seeing such chunk yardage plays in a drive rather than the usual methodical eat up the clock …….run it down their throats …….and punt/play D.


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        Ute Fan

        That absolute dart Huntley threw to Simpkins was a drop three games into the season. Whatever fixed it keep doing it. 

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          Ute Fan

          I would like to think it is the new practice drill of catching tennis balls with the finger tips. The team started practicing this drill after the Washington game. Makes sense.

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