Password "remember me" issues

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      Ute Fan

      Tony, I have tried everything to get my systems to remember the password on this site.
      I use Chrome on all my machines, and I have repeatedly completely cleared history and caches, destroyed all cookies, removed all remembered passwords. I’ve even done it on computers where I wasn’t logged into my Google account to ensure that nothing cloud-transferred over.
      What ended up being the final method for making things work? I’ve tried everything I’ve read (I think) and am still having no luck.

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      Ute Fan

      Off topic …

      Congrats on the great season by your Baby Bombers!

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      Sounds like you may have accidentlly clicked the “don’t remember” or “never” thing at some point.  This is the only case of something like this I’ve heard of.

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        Ute Fan

        But that shouldn’t apply, because what’s in question here is whether or not Utehub is correctly keeping a cookie in place to remember my login information. Correct?

        It’s making me re-log in every time, even when on Utehub I say “Remember Me”.

        The question isn’t whether the BROWSER remembers my login information, but whether Utehub has been instructed to remember me, and stores that in a browser Cookie.


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