People say we are lucky to play Arizona when we didn

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      Well we also played most of that game with a cold backup qb. Also, I am confident (because history)that whittingham could gameplan for a dangerous running quarterback who can’t throw 

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      The people who are saying that know that Tate can in fact throw.
      26 of 35 74.3%, 9.8 yards per attempts. Tate took over during their game against Colorado, so he’s only played a little more than a full game.

      Arizona is going to wreck a few more teams this year.

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      I never buy those arguments, they fall into the “if my Aunt had a package” category. USC and Stanford were by the same logic lucky to get Utah when they did. The problem with that argument is both teams did enough to beat Utah. Utah did enough to beat AZ and would have game planned different if AZ had been playing different.

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      Well then USC and Stanford got lucky to play is when they did.

      This is so stupid. Stupid people saying stupid things.

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