Petersen has owned Whitt?

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      How true is the narrative that Chris Petersen has owned Whitt?  I contend that Petersen has won only in the games where he had the superior team and frankly in the PAC12 era the Utes have performed better than expected in games against UW despite the resulting losses.

      2006: BSU (Undefeated Fiesta Bowl Champions) defeats Utah (8-5, 4th in MWC) 36-3

      2010: #10 BSU (12-1, widely believed to be the best BSU team ever) defeats Utah (10-3, with a backup qb) 26-3  (Utah was the largest Dog of the entire bowl season that year)

      2015: #13 Utah defeats UW 34-23 in Seattle

      2016: #4 UW (CFP qualifier) defeats #17 Utah (a 10.5 home dog) 31-24 (We know, we know, 3 blocks in the back)

      2017: #16 UW (NY6 qualifier) defeats Utah (7-6, a 17.5 dog) 33-30 (WTF was that timeout?)

      2018 round 1: You were there… (The Utes did not cover)

      My point is the neither coach has yet to win a game as a lower ranked team however, Whitt’s lone win in the series came with the ranked Utes as a road dog at Washington and Utah has covered 3 of the last 4.  Petersen has had the more highly regarded team in every game.  Just food for thought.

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      This has been a narrative for a while. At some point Coach Whit will have a “laces out!” moment and has the whole team dialed in. Bottom line, there are 10 other teams wishing they were here. The Utes have finally broke the plane, which is scary for the rest of the league.

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      So Peterson doesn’t receive credit for having the “superior” team?? This makes no sense to me. 

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        Ute Fan

        Give credit where credit is due especially at Boise (He brought a host of guys that Lane Kiffin would have hesitated to add to his locker room), my point is in the games against Petersen that Whitt has simply been outgunned.  That is not Petersen having Whitt’s number, that is a better team winning.  I think in part the narrative comes from Ute fans overinflated sense of self.  (I am a card carrying member of this club as well)  

        I would also argue that when Petersen was hired at Washington Sark left him a cherry ZR2 vette with 4 bald tires that needed a tune-up.  Contrast that with Whitt who showed up in the Pac12 with a 68 Chevelle that was fast in his hometown but has taken a total overhaul to run with the rest of the new league and is still a work in progress.  But that doesn’t change the fact that Petersen has made his Vette elite. 

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      Virginia Ute
      Ute Fan

      You just proved to me that Peterson has owned Whit.  I hope that changes…

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      If I remember that Vegas bowl was close for three quarters with Utah playing a number of backups due to injury. Without sounding too much like a BYU fan, I thought the staff did a pretty good job of hanging in there given the difference in health of the two teams.

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      Utah wins this game by 5. The Utes are Rose Bowl bound. No more hand-wringing or listening to the so-called experts or former coaches or sports analysts or ignorant fans from other programs.

      I’m going just to watch how Utah does it. Gonna be a thing of beauty.

      No more white or pink noise. I’ve tuned it all out.

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        I’m on that same path right now. I also believe that Kyle’s got this. 

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      PetersEn PetersEn PetersEn

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        Is overrated. 

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        Please bring one of those thin small black plastic bags. You know, the ones required to clean up the messes your pet makes on the grass.

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        I am going to misspell it from now on. Like forever he is a son now.  Triggering dawg fans good hell. 

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      Dammit.  I’m still mad about 2006.  That’s where I went from indifference about the potato zoobs to full-on hatred.


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