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      For those in the know, it will be cheaper to stay outside of Pasadena, what are some of the nicer\safer areas to stay.

      Also, will parking be available for the Bowl game and if so, how steep will the price be?

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      Depending on how far you want to drive. Santa Barbara is probably 1 and half hours away and is nice, but not cheap. Ventura would be closer and cheaper, but not as nice. Thousand Oaks would probably be my best recommendation as far as nice and safe. The hotels are probably moderately priced there.

      Safe is a relative term too. Not sure where you’re from, but you won’t find anywhere close to Pasadena that is safer than a podunk area of Utah.

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        also depends on what else you want to do while you’re there.

        If you want to check out Mickey, Magic Mountain or places like that, I’d get a hotel in those areas – pretty sure that the teams still do a day at Disneyland so it might be a good chance to run into some of the players. If you want to golf, I’d look at something around Palm Springs and drive over the morning of the game. Probably the last place I’d look for hotels is Pasadena itself.

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      My daughter used to live in Thousand Oaks and we stayed a number of times at the Palm Garden. Very comfortable beds, great breakfast included, easy onto freeway.

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