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      I just noticed this on Facebook, posted by Chris Evans’ brother, Jared. I don’t know WebMonkey (Chris Evans) personally, but I have been on UteFans for a long time so I am Facebook friend. I am sure the Evans family could use some prayers, thoughts, words of encouragement at this time….

      Friends of Chris, this is Jared, his brother.
      After nearly three years sober, due largely to pancreatitis, kidney failure, and other medical issues caused by two decades of binge-drinking, Chris began drinking again this summer and last night was in a car accident, with a BAL of 27%. He drove into the city and hit a parked car, totaling both. He is in the ICU at the U Hospital.
      Instead of arresting him, the police took him to the hospital because his glucose was over 500. He lost his license and has a court date in two weeks.
      All summer long, as he began drinking more and more and his sweet wife encouraged him to go to rehab, he refused. He has the stubborn pride Evans gene (which I too am guilty of) of refusing to listen to others, ever.
      I would appreciate it if you would leave words of encouragement for him to go to rehab, especially for the benefit of his two daughters who, last night, once again, became very close to becoming fatherless.
      I would have posted this from his account from his phone directly but the scene of the accident was so bad that the police could not find his phone.

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