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  • utah football Next: college football Oregon State - Sat, Dec 5 8:30PM - ESPN
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        Ute Fan

        Red Rocks hosting the Washington Huskies today at 1:30 on pac 12 network. Let’s get another win today! 

        Side note- it’s “character day” at the JMHC and there are a bazillion little princess running around. Adorable. 

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        Ute Fan

        197.7 NICE!!!! And that’s with the judges’ questionable scores on beam. There is a lot I don’t understand about scoring but I couldn’t see how those scores were so low. The Worshington gymnast that scored a 9.5 shocked me. She had nothing more than a balance check. I don’t understand the connections of skills and things like that, and the elements that need to be there, but I swear I have seen falls that result in a higher score than 9.5.

        Makenna’s 10 was wonderful, good to see our gymnasts hitting 10s again. The strong finish on floor was unreal. I thought Skinner was going to get a 10 on floor.

        Who would of thought we would have a gymnast who could nudge Skinner out for the all around? Now we have two powerhouse gymnasts with an outstanding supporting cast. Hell, throw in Kari Lee, her scores were all around worthy if it weren’t for her teammates.

        Look out Oklahoma!

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          Ute Fan

          Yeah, these judges we’re off. I can understand hard scoring. But they were completely inconsistent on top of hard scoring. Super 6 they’re harsh judges but at least they’re consistent.

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