Schedule / game change?

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      Curious if we see another schedule change for this week. Both USC and Colorado are undefeated in the South. There is currently a scenario where they could both still be undefeated after this week. I would think that they would need to play one-another to determine who wins the division this year. 

      Anyone think that things get flipped so USC plays Colorado and we play UCLA? Or, if both teams win this week, do they delay the championship game for a week so USC and Colorado can play? 

      If nothing changes, let’s just hope we can spoil the Buffaloes chance at the division title by winning in Boulder on Friday.

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      Central Coast Ute
      Ute Fan

      No chance they cancel USC vs UCLA for USC vs Co. The PAC 12 already said in the event of a tie and lack of tie breaker due to cancellations, the champ will be decided by the highest ranked team. If they both finish undefeated, USC goes to the CCG.

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        Ute Fan

        Utah will knock CU from the list of undefeated teams anyway, so unless UCLA pulls a rabbit out its hat, the South division is already USC’s.

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          Not according to my predict the score pick, which I hope is 100% incorrect.

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