SEC 2017/18 Distribution: $43m per team – PAC12?

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      Ute Fan

      My Texas A&M buddy provided the following: (SEC Link)

      The SEC office distributed $43.1M to each of its 14 member schools …. monies are derived primarily from TV contracts, with bowls, NCAA tournaments, etc. contributing as well.
      The $43.1M for 2017/18, is an increase of $2.2M per school as compared to the 2016/17 distribution of $40.9M.

      What’s the PAC12 Distribution? Anybody know?

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      Ute Fan

      I read $30.9 million for PAC12 schools.

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      Ute Fan

      You are correct – for 2016/17 numbers. I expect the 2017/18 not public, in summary, just yet.

      2016/17 conference distributions:
      – SEC: $40.9M per school.
      – B1G: $37.0M per school.
      – Big12: $36.5M per school.
      – Pac12: $30.9M per school.
      – ACC: $26.6M per school.

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        Ute Fan

        Well, on the bright side, at least there is one P5 conference with worse distribution… and it happens to have the defending National Champion in football and be in a much more densly populated area.

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          Hal Evans
          Ute Fan

          Not for long the ACC will get their own network next year and pass the PAC12

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      How much did being independent pay out?

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        Ute Fan

        ask notre dame

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        Ute Fan

        A gajillion dollars and Jesus bucks. 

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      Central Coast Ute
      Ute Fan

      The PAC 10 was always behind the SEC and BIG 10 in revenue. Since the forming of the PAC 12 and the launch of the PAC 12 network, the payout to PAC schools increased. John Wilner had an expert on these things on his PAC 12 podcast a week or two ago. He paints a bright future for the PAC 12 because they own the network. I suggest listening to it. He makes it seem not so bad. One thing he points out is geography. People in the BIG 10 and SEC footprint, buy more tickets and paraphernalia so of course those schools make more money. People in the west tend to care less about college sports so they obviously spend less money on it.

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      Ute Fan


      Per ESPN, they pay out “nearly $4 million/yr”. But that figure doesn’t include the additional $50 million /yr in super-secret “imaginary” revenue that nobody outside of zoobnation can corroborate, but that everybody INSIDE of zoobnation knows for a fact it’s real.


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