Shotgun short yardage hand offs???

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        Why oh why do teams do this??

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        I’m always going to have huge love for the Texas fellas who have come to this program. Holy s**t.

        #22 has to be retired, immediately. I’m not sure the program can recover from this.

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        My bad. I was trying to reply to a different thread bro

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        Eagle: You still have to run your base offense, no matter the situation. Abandoning what you do well when you need it the most is playing into the defense’s hands. Not to mention creating tendencies for the other team to key on.

        It is one of my main complaints with Ludwig’s offense; he appears to call the game with a different formation for every situation.

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        There are some reasons why it may be advantageous. Qb comfort level, greater ability to survey field pre snap, more chance for runner to make adjustments with ball in hand, gets the ball in playmaker’s hands sooner, possibilities for passing… all of these mean zero if you don’t block.

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