So I think the BYU game will come down to 1 thing

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        I think Utah will be able to move the ball ok and while I’m scared of what we’re going to do when it’s late in the game and it’s 3rd and 4 and we need a first down, I think our passing game is much improved so hopefully that will swing those plays in our favor. 

        I think BYU will probably score 20-25 points and will have the crowd behind them. To win, we need to just avoid turning the ball over and just play the short game with a heavy dose of short passes to our tight ends and slot receivers. 

        If they rush 3 players all night, we win going away. 

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        Ute Fan

        I get the feeling that BYU-Provo Campus players and fans got a dose of reality last night. I think most of them realize they’re not all their coaches and the media hyped them up to be. I think if Utah scores on their first couple of possessions, they will get demoralized pretty quickly.

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          Central Coast Ute
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          Agreed. Utah wins by 14 but should be more. Whitt won’t run up the score.

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            Warrior Ute
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            I would love to see us win by at least 24, so we can say Weber State kept it closer.

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        He who scores the most points wins in Football.
        If you are a Poo Poo fan you think it is everything else. Included in that is: “magic”, “derserving it”, “class” and “honor code”. I think this has been the problem for them lately because in Lavell years they just scored the most points and won.

        I don’t think they know what the definition of class is. Examples of Poo Poo class is being a drug addict, getting into brawls at bowl games, informing the honor code office on rape victims or accosting the opposing coaches family. Seems more like a myopic cesspool.

        #10iscoming this will be Utah’s all time 63rd victory as well.

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        Ute Fan

        BYU managed to score 24 points against a terrible Arizona D and you think they’ll put up 25 against Utah’s defense?

        BYU will be lucky to reach 17 points. Hall was not impressive last night. Take away one 70 yard completion and he had 125 yards on 17 completions. I expect at least 3 picks by Utah.

        BYU gave up 300 yards passing to a true freshman. Brewer will have a big day.

        Utah will dominate time of possession to the point BYU’s D will be gassed by the 4th qtr. Utah will be running the ball at will.

        I think this is the one year Whit piles on the points. No more taking a knee at the goal line.

        Utah needs to make a statement and Whit knows it.


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          Ute Fan

          ^^^What AZUTE said! 

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          Ute Fan

          Weber State sustained a couple long drives, and created pressure on the other side of the ball. TDS will do the same. Close game unfortunately tds wins 30-28.

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            Ute Fan

            Weber State > U of A

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            Why do you even call yourself a utah fan. It’ll be utah by 21+

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              Every score I go with the final tends to be the opposite. Soooo just playing the cards right.

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        I don’t mean this as bluster at all: I am not the least bit worried about losing to byu.

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        BYU defensive strategy to follow the script USC, UW, and UO use, confuse the Oline with shfits, jam the line of scrimmage, slow the run, get Utah in long yardage 3rd downs and force Brewer to get the ball out fast. Kalani will have a solid game plan to slow Utah’s offense. First big test for Brewer and whoever the starting Oline will be for Utah? This game will go down to the wire tight with Utah needing a defensive score to win. 

        Weber hung in with Utah through almost 3 quarters and made their own mistakes along the way Utah took advantage to pull away in the 4th quarter. 

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          D T
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          The zoobs don’t have the horses USC/UW/UO have to pull it off….That’s crazy talk right there….They also don’t have their coaching.

          I’d be shocked if this weren’t at least a 2-3 TD final margin in our favor.

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        Ten is coming.

        Go Utes!

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