So if Utah finishes top 15? will that change anybody's mind…

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      Ute Fan

      About the overall grade for this year?

      While those 4 losses were very frustrating, Washington, USC, and Colorado could make our schedule look much much better if they win their next game. (I know we beat USC)

      Oregon and Cal, I despise you. Though really that hate should probably only be for one of those losses. It is the Pac 12, and every team is good enough to beat you on an off day and one crazy loss a year is probably reality. I’m glad we escaped Indiana, with the penalty yards, and turnovers.

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      Will it matter? Next year Utah will probably not be ranked in the preseason if we are talking long term goals of NCG playoffs whatever.

      That same empty feeling of seeing opportunity slip through your fingers.

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      Ute Fan

      Not really, because we know that we lost to bad Cal and Oregon teams, wasted a good defensive effort in Boulder.
      7-1 going into the Washington game, and losing 3 of the last 4, all winnable games..

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      Tony (admin)

      Change anybody’s mind about what? We are what we usually are, a team with a good defense, good special teams, and a crappy offense.

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        Special teams coverage wasn’t great this season either. 

        Good hell Wishnowsky even had a fumble. How many fumbles did Utah have in that game? Way too many is my easy answer. 

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