Some ideas for the portal and NIL

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      Ute Fan

      There need to be some changes made to the portal and NIL, if we want to see college football, continue to be viable. Below are a few ideas. I am not a lawyer, just a college football fan.
      1. Make a cap on NIL money. (Maybe 250 K per year with a bonus if you stay at least three years.)
      2. Players must sign a contract that would prevent them from entering the portal until they have been at the school at least one year. Of course, they could leave at any time, but just like a business does – there would be a non-compete clause which would mean that the player would lose a year of eligibility if they choose to leave early.
      3. Once camp starts in August the portal would be closed until after January 1st. I hate it when guys enter the portal in December and hurt their team during the bowl game.
      4. Any team caught contacting a player from another team when they are not in the portal, would lose one scholarship.
      5. NIL money cannot be used to pay for scholarships for walk-on players. Allowing this makes it so rich schools can have unlimited scholarships. They did away with unlimited scholarships back in the 1970s.
      I love college football and would like to see this insanity that is happening stop.

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      Ute Fan

      #1 will never fly unless it is collectively bargained and that opens up a whole new can of worms.
      #2 Probably same as #1
      #3 I agree. There needs to be two windows for transferring. Right after the season and right after either Spring or Fall Camp.
      #4 Agree, very difficult to prove and enforce
      #5 Agree, not sure how you enforce it. Essentially, you’d have to ban NIL for walk-ons and that’ll never fly.

      I like all your points and agree with them. I just don’t see how, legally, many of those can work.

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        Roy Rangum
        Ute Fan

        I similarly like the idea of more defined portal windows during which players can enter the portal (at the 2 time points you mentioned).

        I also wouldn’t mind if there was an “NIL window” during which all NIL deals need to be finalized and reported, and, I think that NIL window should be before a player can commit to a team. I think it would make businesses and donors think twice before they shower an uncommitted player with money if there’s no guarantee the player would actually come there, and I would hope the NIL becomes more of a retention strategy than a way to buy the best new recruits.

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      Ute Fan

      My solution to the portal problem: There is no portal unless your head coach quits. If the coach quits, any player may enter the portal and transfer to any school without any penalty.

      My solution to the NIL problem: Any NIL money must be paid back if the player leaves the school he was at when he got the NIL money.

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