Some perspective on the throw game (what little there was last night)

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      Ute Fan

      Tyler makes excellent decisions. Everyone will focus on the 106 yds, but he completed 13-16… that’s 81.25%!!! If not for the Kuithe drop, he would have completed 87.5% (and prob had more like ~150 yds)…. that is just ridiculously acccurate.

      As has been said elsewhere, BYU played a 3-3-5 scheme almost the whole night, and dropped 7+ (!) in coverage probably >75% of the time… they were not giving us any deep or even intermediate distance looks… so the counter to that is dink/dunk throws and the RUN… Ludwig called exactly the right game and I’m sure was keeping it vanilla on purpose (I expect the next two games to be more of the same) so USC won’t get a lot of good film before we open conference play.

      I think Lennon will relax and be better going forward, so other than the catastrophe that is the PK situation, this team so far looks exactly as advertised. Should be a fun season if we can stay healthy.

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      Ute Fan

      Is it just me, or does Huntley stare down his intended receiver?  He looked pretty good otherwise.

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        Checking down his options has never been his strong point. Shelley has him beat on that.


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        He missed some chances. Covey was wide open in the slot on the final drive in the first half and he tucked it in. On the fourth down fail in the first he had a guy going left to right wide open on the sticks but tucked too early. Other than that I think Huntley played extremely well for the scheme being called. Happy feet a little but after the Enis completion he had 10/10 to end the game. 

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          I agree that he sometimes tucks & runs before fully letting the routes develop (that 4th down play was the most obvious, but ialso happened on a couple other scrambles that I can remember) and sometimes he does seem to stare down his preferred target, but I will take both of those any day over ill-advised tosses into coverage (a la Wilson). Not turning the ball over will be huge to our success this year.

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      Something to think about…

      He was 13/16 and two of his incompletions were the drops by Kuithe and Simpkins that both would have gone for 30+ yards. Would of should of could of, I know, but if those two balls weren’t dropped I think we’d be feeling a little different about Huntley and passing game today.

      I’m really excited to see how the offense looks next week against northern Illinois, another solid defensive squad.

      Coaches know moss can’t get 30 touches a game this early in the season, and i think Northern Illinois is going to be loading the box after watching film from this last game…should be opportunities in the pass game.

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      Simpkins has shown for 4 years to have average hands. Can we start to move on from him yet


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