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      Ute Fan

      What I’ve heard…

      1. Biggest Sigh Of Relief – Charlie Brewer. He looks accurate, confident, decisive. Clear front runner even vs what Rising did in practice. He’s no Bentley. 

      2. Biggest Surprise – Bryson Barnes. Walk-on QB who has shown a lot of improvement and is legitimately competing for the #2 spot right now. However Costelli looks better every day and a healthy Rising will at the very least quickly lock up QB2 for the fall, so Barnes is destined for QB3/4 at best this year. That said, Barnes is a good athlete, has a firm grasp of the offense, a much improved arm, and is a born leader. Could do MUCH worse for an emergency QB for the next couple years. BONUS: Jackson is slow adjusting to this scheme, as expected…patience will be key with him…as will full pads and full contact.

      3. Biggest Human – Simote Pepa. He’s massive, talented, and the talk of spring ball. Like a bigger, stronger John Penisini. Babies are born, the sun sets in the west, and Utah’s DT group is fantastic.

      4. Smallest Surprise – Our front 7 will be good. Won’t have a Brad Anae type pass rush threat, but we will be as deep across the DL as we’ve been in a long time. Guys like Kaufusi and Suguturaga can play any spot. Fillinger and Carlton are coming along and our returning DTs are all solid and Pepa will immediately factor in. I haven’t heard anyone mention Lauaki…which is…concerning…but the depth and talent is there to be yet another very good Ute D if the young talented secondary can show some improvement – and knowing Scalley, I would bet on exactly that.

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks for sharing. These updates are much needed in the doldrums of off season.

      IMO number 4 is a bit of an issue. Not only did we not have an Anae like pass rusher last season, there wasn’t much of a pass rush at all. For our defense to fire on all cylinders, we need to consistently pressure the QB.

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      Ute Fan

      It took us a while to get to the depth we needed at QB, but it sounds like maybe we’re there?


      I’m rarely concerned about our defense, but I’m holding out hope that we can find a pass-rusher.  This could take our defense from excellent to elite.


      Thanks for the update!

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      Ute Fan

      I’m addicted to this kinda news. So cool to hear about our QB room!

      Super stoked about Pepa and the DL.

      Give me more!!

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      Ute Fan

      Finally, some Ute football news…thank you!!! This dark period between December and Spring Camp felt like it would never end.

      Everything sounds great. I’m optimistic that Fillinger will get there to become our next great pass rusher. Definitely need him and the others to step up!

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      Ute Fan

      I’ll believe brewer isn’t Bentley 2.0 when he has played as good as people claim he will for several games in a row.

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        Ute Fan

        Definitely understand that. And though the staff may be encouraged by Brewer so far, I think it’s important to emphasize that they’ve only practiced in pads a few times at this point. Tough to truly judge how good a QB will be until it’s full go live action. 

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      Ute Fan

      Any news about Hunter Lotulelei?  UtahUtes.com shows him as still on the roster (freshman), but I hadn’t seen his name anywhere on the 2-deep.  

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        Ute Fan

        From what I’ve heard, he has improved in his time here, but still needs to keep working on getting his weight down in addition to the usual things that young OL need to work on. That and we have a lot of talented, experienced OL on the roster so it’s just tough to crack the 2-deep there. 

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