stats vs Washington and some thoughts

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      Ute Fan

      Utes vs Washington
      Scoring offense 29.9 vs 48.3 W for wash
      total offense 433 yd/game vs 483 yds/game W for Wash
      Adjusted scoring offense -.3pts/game vs 12.8 pts/game W for wash
      SCoring defense 21.6 vs 14.6pts/game W for Wash
      Total defense 363 yds/game vs 318 yds/game
      Turnover margin +8 vs +14 W for Wash
      Strength of offenses faced, average 74th in the nation vs 92nd W for Utah
      Strength of defenses faced, average 84th in the vs 95th W for utah
      overall SOS, opp records 21-31 (52nd hardest SOS) vs 16-28 (85th hardest) W for Utah

      The only team UW has beat that has a winning record is stanford 4-3 and one team at .5 idaho (4-4). Utah also has only beat one team with a winning record USC is 4-3 and one team at .5 BYU(4-4).

      Both teams have played a relatively weak schedule buy UW’s has been weaker so far. Thats about the only thing that we can hang our hats on and hope their numbers are purely a result of that because otherwise things will not be in our favor.

      One good thing about this game is that UW has not faced a similar team to us all season and will likely be their hardest test of the year with maybe the exception of the Washington ST game if WSU stays hot like they are right now.

      Out of the 7 teams UW has faced utah will be the best defense they have faced (21 pts allowed a game). Technically stanford is the best defense they have played but in the UW game they were playing down two starting CB that made a huge difference. Utah will be the second best offense (29.9 pts/game) they have faced (oregon was the best they have faced at 38 pts/game)

      Oregon only scored 21 but Arizona had the highest offensive output so far against UW at 28. The key here is really offensive style difference that our in our favor. UW pass defense is amazing and they also have an extremely strong pass rush. UO is much more reliant on the pass. Only one team has passed for more than 200 yds against UW (ahem good job Idaho).

      However, UW has been very vulnerable on the ground. UA ran for 7yds/carry (308 total), OSU ran for 5.9yds/carry (177 total) and Oregon also got to 5.3/carry (230 total) but a lot of these came late against second/third string.
      Oregon/ARizona/OSU are 1st/3rd/6th respectively in rush offense. Utah is 5th. JWilliams should be able to get to well over 100 on the ground.

      This is about the only thing going in our favor right now. Utes rush offense should be able to move the ball against this UW team and based on the UCLA result this is a huge checkmark in our favor. If we can really start to establish the run enough to get UW to cheat a safety up we can have the opportunity to get enough long pass plays to keep the game close.

      I don’t think we get blown out if we can protect the ball and win the TOP with a strong run game, even if the UW offense scores quick we can keep it manageable just like when we face many other fast scoring teams.

      Should be a good game and Utes will have a chance to win it late in the 4th if they play clean ball (we can’t spot them a TD like we did for UCLA with penalties) and limit mistakes (can’t have 5 TOs like the Y game).

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      Tony (admin)

      Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

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      Ute Fan

      Another stat Worshington has over us is lack of injuries. I think they only have one player out, their sack leader Joe Mathis.

      Worshington is incredibly healthy and fresh having a bye prior to the OSU home cake walk.

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      Ute Fan

      Washington by the half-

      Defensively they allow

      1st half-

      2.75 yds/carry    7.8 yds/comp

      2nd half/OT-

      4.7 yds/carry    11.4 yds/comp


      1st half-

      5.8 yds/carry   14.5 yds/comp    

      2nd half/OT-

      5.95 yds/carry   13.7 yds/comp


      Offensively it doesn’t appear that Washington lets up at all, but defensively in the second half they do give up the most yardage.



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        Ute Fan

        UCLA gave up 145 rushing yds/gm prior to the Utah game. Washington also gives up 145 rushing yds/gm.

        UCLA has played the 10th toughest schedule vs Washington only playing the 85th ranked schedule.

        What Utah’s O-line did run blocking is 100% execution and replicable. This team with the Joe WIlliams back 100%, the O-line gelling, Patrick back 100% (fingers crossed), has the ability to be very good… Now if Troy Williams can get enough time to throw the ball, and make his reads quicker…

        UCLA O-line avg 303lbs D-line 303lbs

        Washington O-line avg 299lbs D-line 307lbs

        Utah O-line avg 308lbs D-line 276lbs


        Entirely too geeked out for this game.

        but, GO UTES!

        Beat some fuskies.


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      Ute Fan

      Stats are pretty irrelevant when you look at the halftime scoreboards.

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        Ute Fan

        They haven’t played anybody.
        Oregon St- down to 3rd string QB
        Oregon- playing True Freshman QB
        Stanford Corners were out.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree with everything you said. I think our best chance is that Wash seems to struggle a little on the road and I hope our altitude has them gassed by the middle of the third quarter.

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        Ute Fan

        they struggled on the road in Eugene all right…… struggled to score 80 points

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