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    I think we match up pretty well against OSU.  They only struggled this year against 4 teams.  Oregon, penn st, neb, and michigan.   I chose those since I think we will put up a fight.  I don’t see any way of this being a blow out game. 

    Utah defense is inbetween mich/penn and nebraska/oregon.  On average those teams held OSU to 28.5 and…[Read more]

  • I got 6 from the OSU site. All the resale options are crazy right now.

  • Masks are effective. Vaccines are effective. Mask mandates have a lot data to show that they reduce the number of deaths. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. It saves lives. It’s not perfect but it’s better than not doing either. I’m a physician and I take care of people with this disease and interact with them on a daily basis.

    “An evidenc…[Read more]

  • Kelly played in all 3 of those games
    WSU 20 carries for 90 yds (4.5/carry)
    ASU 34 carries for 164 yds (4.8/carry)
    OSU 21 carries for 41 yds (3.5/carry)

  • Common opponent analysis vs UCLA.  
    we have both played ASU, OSU and WSU. 
    UCLA is 2-1, utah is 3-0.  
    UCLA is 140-143 pts scored/allowed in those games.  (67 of those off pts was the WSU game, so 73 in the other 2)
    UTAH is 111-23 scored/allowed.  
    Our defense has done 120 pts better in those 3 games.  
    Just food for…[Read more]

  • Defensively, contain the run first and foremost. Second, pressure the QB. In their only loss (colorado) they gave up 3 sacks. ASU has allowed 16 sacks. We should have plenty of pressure on daniels. He’s evasive but I imagine lloyd or bernard will spy him most plays.

    Offensively, they are vulnerable in the air. Run enough to keep them…[Read more]

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    I think so too. This is just a software based prediction thing. Its not really my opinion. Its also not great at picking the actual score but pretty good at picking the winner and reasonable good at picking the margin of victory.

    I feel like the col and UA games we are going to end up being more of shootout than most of us would like but we…[Read more]

  • I keep a little data analysis thing for predicting games going forward.  Here are some updated picks after last weekends data is in.  
    at USC, utah wins 30-21
    vs WSU utah loses 24-28  🙁
    vs osu utah wins 34-21
    vs asu utah wins 24-10,  This is a weird game on paper, but ASU offense so far has been pretty bad which means against a good…[Read more]

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    ASU I have utes win 31-14

  • based on stats from 2 prior games (not really enough to be super reliable)
    vs ISU  45-10
    at usc utes win 30-27
    wsu utes lose 33-26
    OSU utes win 24-15
    cal utes win 25-17
    wash utes win 28-21
    ucla utes win 37-10
    ua Utes win 43-31
    colorado utes win 34-31
    The pac 12 is ours for the taking.  We have all the pieces to make it great.  8-1…[Read more]

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    Yup. Good news is it’s very likely we can execute that. Those things are our strengths. That’s how you beat an “air raid”. We can do all that. Control the clock, score points on long drives, limit turnovers, and keep their def on the field. It’s actually a good match up for us to win.

    The scary games are ones against really solid run defen…[Read more]

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    Before you get too worked up about USC winning the south they have a bad rush defense.  
    Against Fresno they gave up 206 yards. For reference the following week minnesota held FSU to 57 yard.  Moss will tear them up.  
    Utah rushes for 227/game and will likely do that or more against usc def.  Last year Moss had 140 on 25 carries for 5.6…[Read more]

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    It would have been nice for oregon to beat auburn.  
    That was probably the only winnable OOC game that mattered for national perception.  
    Good news is that we don’t play oregon until possibly the end of year when people will have mostly forgot the loss especially if they play well going forward.  
    The only other games ooc are probably losses…[Read more]

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    The matchup for tomorrow is favorable for the Utes tbh.   From almost every angle this should be a close game with a few plays going to either team will determine the outcome.
    Statistically speaking the teams are very closely matched.  
    UW def holds teams to -11 compared to their opponents offensive season average
    Utah def holds teams to…[Read more]

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    utes are officially #1 rush defense in the country.  
    74 yds/game. 
    Msu and Iowa are tied for second at 79/game. 
    Good stuff. They are fun to watch. That series after the muffed punt was a great 4 downs of defense. 

  • First off, this is a very winnable game.  Utah is a good team right now and the mistakes that occurred in the Stanford/usc games are fixable.  The question is always what timeframe will it take to fix that.  Right now this team is living and dying on turnovers because of offensive issues.  We can’t seem to get over that redzone TD issue. Good news…[Read more]

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    I appreciate the responses. I don’t take it harshly at all. I get my data from cfbstats.com

    As with anything stats related I agree its all about normalization and what those numbers may say about the future. For example, USC numbers looked amazing until they lost their best WR and 3/5th of their oline. So they still lead the conf in a lot…[Read more]

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    We will see about the turnovers, but right now we lead the conference in INTs(9), second in forced fumbles and first in total tos (15). Also that’s with only 5 games. The other 5 game teams are ranked 10,11,12th in total tos.

    As for the secondary they are 3rd in passes defended and first place in both opposing qbr and completion percentage.…[Read more]

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    Tough loss, mostly because it felt so winnable even with all the mistakes.   This team has definitely shown some promise but makes a lot of errors.  Stanford is a good team and has only lost to 2 top 15 teams (USC,SDSU).  We had every chance to get a win.  We held them to 13 points under their season avg.  Normally they run for 260, only 196…[Read more]

  • Hes going to be even more electric and highlighted in the Taylor offense.

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