The real reason for the better O-Line play

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      Here’s my take. In 2003-04 Urban Meyer made it an absolute must to have a running QB to make defenses pay for over pursuit. Now, knowing who we are as Utah Football for the past two decades, and knowing our O-line was better at run blocking than pass blocking for two decades, when did we get it in our heads that Brewer was going to sit back in the pocket like he was Drew Brees throwing to NFL receivers and pick apart the defense? Enter in Cam Rising and he starts to run the ball a little, he starts to score touchdowns with his feet and what do you know, all of a sudden the O-line looks way better and the pressure from the D is taken down a notch. Enter Cam Rising into the SDSU game and he picks up 46 yards rushing on 5 carries to Brewer’s -19 and all of a sudden the O-line looks way better. WTF was Kyle Whittingham doing drinking the Charlie Brewer koolaid like it was ******** Tom Brady back there and then watching defenses tee off….you know…the way Kyle has tee’d off on pass only quarterbacks for the past 30 years?”

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      There’s a leadership component to this as well. One of the cool things about this season is that we have really been able to witness Cam Rising’s awesome character and leadership. Even when he was the back-up, he was always engaged on the sideline, helping the team out, etc. When he got in the game, you saw the team energize around him and believe that they could win.

      The cool thing about college football is that the intangibles (such as character and leadership) really matter. I think this is perhaps why the coaches missed the boat on naming Rising as the starter from the beginning. The skillset in practice showed that Brewer was the better player. But, in college, talent isn’t everything. For whatever reason, Brewer wasn’t ready to be the leader of this team. Rising was.

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      I’m think the line was better in the USC game because they didn’t blitz as much(duh). Why didn’t they blitz? Was it Rising and his ability to run or they thought they could defend pass without having to rush… regardless, ASU will blitz and our line will fold. Question is can we adjust with Rising and make them pay for the blitz…

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