the “Utah doesnt have a top 25 win” crowd is obviously on a different page than

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        the committee. We have thorougly dominated a lot of top 50 teams and are getting credit for it. Its honestly something I didnt anticipate and something im not sure has staying power as the weeks wear on and the committee seems to change their value given to certain things, We’ll see. But we are running teams over and our schedule overall isnt nearly as soft as some around us in the rankings

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        Neither has Alabama

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        Haven’t we beaten a bunch of teams that were in the top 25 when we played them?

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          Ute Fan

          I think just Arizona State. But, does that really matter unless they end the season ranked?

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            Ute Fan

            This is what I always care about and the eyeball test.

            Washington is probably Utah’s best win so far. California is a good win to because of the sheer dominance. ASU and OSU are about the same again the dominance in stopping pretty good offenses. 

            fUCLA will probably end up being the second best win for the season. Zona and Colorado stink.

            TDS is turning into the best Zoob team in years. Oregon will be our best opponent overall if they make it.  

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          Warrior Ute
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        Ute Fan

        We just have to continue to win in dominant fashion, and the rest will take care of itself.

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          Ute Fan

          Correct you are ayoriver!  All that we need to do, is take care of those things that are within our control.  And our “performance” is what we control.  We can’t control the CFP committee, and they can’t control whether or not we win in dominate fashion.

          All we gotta do, is do our part.

          GO UTES!!!

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